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Patti Smith

Piss Factory” is a proto punk song written by Patti Smith and band member Richard Sohl, and released as a B-side on Smith’s debut single  “Hey Joe” in 1974. Tom Verlaine of Television contributes guitar playing on “Hey Joe”. It was included on the New Wave compilation album released on Vertigo Records in 1977, and the Just Say Yesterday Sire Records 1992 compilation album , and later reissued on the rarities compilation Land 1975-2002-2002). Recorded at the Electric Lady Studios in June 5th 1974.

In 1989, Rolling Stone writer and biographer Dave Marsh placed the song on the list of The 1001 Greatest Singles Ever Made.

The song originated as a poem written by Patti Smith about the time she spent working in a baby buggy factory, expressing her assurance that she would not let the experience kill her ambitions.

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