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Choir Boy debuted with the warmly received album ‘Passive With Desire’ in 2017. After signing to Dais Records, Choir Boy followed up with the 2018 single, “Sunday Light” and a lovingly packaged reissue of the debut album. Here’s the thing about Choir Boy singer Adam Klopp: his voice is so captivating, so utterly out-of-this-world that it’s easy to forget there’s a proper band co-piloting the project’s ethereal pop songs. In the three years since Choir Boy signed to Dais with their “Sunday Light” EP, the group’s core duo of Klopp and bassist Chaz Costello has grown to include guitarist Michael Paulson and saxophonist/keyboardist Jeff Kleinman.


The quartet’s Gathering Swans LP finds them at the peak of their melancholic powers, bringing Klopp’s acrobatic melodies into full relief alongside serious hooks and synth-laced power chords. . This band is truly bold to weave such a deep and creative sound. Choir Boy has a haunting and mystical nature with deep introspection into the intensity of feelings. What an honest approach to music

Photo by Kat Irlin

Flaunting a familiar, empowering ethos seen in bands like Haim and Muna, the Aces want to be respected for being a great band — not just a great “girl” band. Two years ago, the four-piece, made up of sisters Cristal and Alisa Ramirez and their friends Katie Henderson and McKenna Petty, broke out with catchy pop gem “Stuck,” but they had been making music together for over a decade. Singing about defying expectations (“Baby Who”) and wanting more than just sexual intimacy (“Physical”), the Aces mix catchy ’80s pop with classic rock undertones,

The Orem, Utah-based four-piece The Aces just introduced themselves to the world last month with their debut EP, I Don’t Like Being Honest. Chock full of infectious hooks, rock riffs, and plenty of swagger, the EP has already earned the band comparisons to the likes of Haim, the 1975 and Tegan and Sara.

We began writing this EP in Brooklyn in December of 2015 with our producers, Simon Oscroft and Dan Gibson. It was the first time we had written with them. The energy was so right and we vibed so well with them. We pumped out a couple songs so fast, one of them being “Stuck.” Those first few songs are where we discovered the “sound” of the Aces and everything has just flowed really nicely since. Cristal and Alisa have been going to Brooklyn to write on and off for almost two years now and all of the songs from the EP all came out at different points over that span of time. Once we had these songs down lyrically and melodically, then the real fun begins and Katie and McKenna come shred on the track. Then Cristal lays her final vocals, and Alisa gets to hit some drums. Sometimes the process is different, but this is how it usually goes.

Cristal and Alisa are sisters, so they met as babies [laughs]. Cristal and Ken [McKenna] met in kindergarten but became BFFs in fifth grade. Cristal and Al wanted to start a band so they told Ken she should ask for a bass for Christmas. She did, got one, and the Blue Aces were born. We played a show like a week later and just started playing all around our hometown. A couple of years later, Ken met Katie in junior high and she shredded the guitar so we asked her to play a show with us . “Baby Who” is literally our baby. We call it our little healer. We all have a special place in our hearts for that song.