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Indie pop duo Ummagma are set to release first LP in 6 years, titled Compass preview the first track available titled ‘Caravan’. Otherworldly climes, matching heavenly vocals to arrangements as complex as they are hopelessly beautiful. Soaring melodies and swathes of sound… gorgeous with near orchestral reach – CLASH MUSIC

Full kaleidoscope of sounds, harmonies and musical instruments… the result is massive with an intricate fabric – ROLLING STONE

Perfect slice of laid-back dream-pop, and McLarnon’s vocals seem to float over its woozy instrumentation – THE SKINNY, Ahead of this album, they present the ‘Caravan’ single

Ethereal pop indebted to Cocteau Twins and much of the rest of 4AD’s ’80s output – BROOKLYNVEGAN

Ummagma create music of otherworldly delicacy… Cosmic yet introspective dreampop – THE WIRE MAGAZINE

Indie pop electronic rock duo Ummagma have announced their new album ‘Compass’, to be released in June via Manchester-based label Leonard Skully Records. Their third long-play, this is the duo’s first album in six years and also the first time the band is releasing a record on vinyl.


releases May 1st, 2019

All songs written and performed by Ummagma
Music and arrangement by Alexander Kretov and Shauna McLarnon 

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Ummagma are Shauna McLarnon and Alexander Kretov, who met after a chance encounter in the suburban sprawl of Moscow, where they were each pursuing different musical paths. Bonding over their shared influences and weaving in their diverse backgrounds, this affair with love and sound soon developed into a marriage and the musical union known as Ummagma.

Who says that you shouldn’t meet your heroes? Dream-pop duo Ummagma did just that and the result is a captivating remix that also acts as the lead single for their forthcoming LCD EP, which arrives September 22nd via Somewherecold Records .

After Robin Guthrie heard Ummagma’s track “Lama”, which originally appeared on the band’s debut album Antigravity, mutual friends put the band and the Cocteau Twins multi-instrumentalist in touch. The result is a brand new version of the song, which sees Guthrie not only re-arrange and re-mix the song, but also add his own guitar parts to the creation.


“Lama” exists in a dreamy dimension of ambient drifts and sonic textures that wash over in gentle waves and then recede back into a sonorous, vespertine world of fading vapor trails. This is a sound that Guthrie helped to pioneer and evolve throughout the ‘80s and which still informs much of his work.

As a calling card for the 4-track EP to follow, the Robin Guthrie Mix of “Lama” is a perfect aural snapshot that captures Ummagma’s core sound of ethereal, atmospheric sonic and vocal sculptures and ambient, dream-pop heart.



A blend of dreampop, prog rock, post-rock, ethereal, nugaze & post-punk within intense landscapes, gossamer vocals and pulsating beats. This Canadian-Ukrainian duo of Alexx Kretov and Shauna McLarnon began in Moscow as an affair with love and sound and has blossomed across borders.

Ummagma are at the forefront of new shoegaze and dreampop… lifts you gently weightless into orbit, to be suspended in a sea of twinkling synthesizer stars…a first class ticket into hyperspace” – UK producer Fran Ashcroft (Damon Albarn, Lords of Acid) . Alongside five original tracks, this EP features remixes from Cocteau Twins legend Robin Guthrie, Wales’ celebrated Lights That Change, and Malcolm Holmes of Orchestral Maneouvres in the Dark (OMD).

Ummagma consists of Shauna McLarnon, who hails from Canada’s Yukon, and Alexander Kretov, who is from Ukraine. Since bursting onto the music scene in 2012, they have made a significant impact on the underground music scene. Their potent combination of uplifting and melancholic textured dreampop, shoegaze, postpunk, ambient and electronica rapidly gaining them a sizeable international following despite the numerous issues they’ve faced living between Canada and Ukraine.

Frequency’ follows the band’s two debut LPs ‘Antigravity’ and ‘Ummagma’, which they simultaneously released in 2012. This release represents a slight departure from the first two albums, which whisked the listener through the romanticism of first meetings, big love, adventures abroad and optimistic dreaming through to the realities of birth, loss, death and departure. In contrast, ‘Frequency’ explores such themes as space and distance, timelessness, escapism, and the search for tranquility.

Canadian-Ukrainian duo Ummagma have blazed quite a trail for themselves in their short history. They’ve landed press coverage and radio play in more than 50 countries, and have managed to strike an endearing chord with a good number of ‘first wave’ shoegaze and dreampop artists, especially from Creation Records and early 4AD rosters.

All songs written by Alexander Kretov and Shauna McLarnon.
Lyrics and vocals by Shauna McLarnon and Alexander Kretov.


“New Born” track is from the same name debut album from Moscow’s Sounds of Sputnik, is a kaleidoscope of reverb-soaked guitar, calculated drums, thick bass, and angular guitars intertwined with ethereal vocals. This is extraordinary noise-pop, with layered harmonies, interlacing synth and distorted guitars. Sounds of Sputnik paired up with Canadian-Ukrainian duo Ummagma to co-write, produce, and record this album, released on UK label Ear to Ear Records on August, 25th, 2014. Ummagma’s Shauna McLarnon and Alexx Kretov both contribute mesmerizing vocals.

This project leans heavily on a shared love of melodic dream pop, post-rock and shoegaze with each member bringing their own influences: aspects of Lush, Curve, My Bloody Valentine and No Joy cleverly blend with Hammock, Jesus & Mary Chain and The Twilight Sad to create remarkable “dream noise”.

Rewind about 12 years ago. Roman, Shauna and Alexx were collaborating a bit until Shauna and Alexx left Russia. After losing contact for an entire decade, the three finally reunited last year and quickly beginning to work on new material.


Ummagma is a Canadian-Ukrainian duo delivering an eclectic yet harmonious potpourri of sublime resonance, beats and rhythm. McLarnon’s delicate airy gossamer-like vocals are often compared to Liz Fraser (Cocteau Twins) with glimmers of Stereolab, The Sundays, Curve, Nathalie Merchant and Slowdive. Kretov’s spellbinding potion of guitar, vocals, synths, beats, programming & effects create impeccable soundscapes with elements of Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Bill Nelson and Brian Eno to help the listener take flight.

2014 brings various collaborations, remixes and releases for Ummagma, involving Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins), Malcolm Holmes (Orchestral Maneouvres in the Dark), Sounds of Sputnik (Moscow), Lights That Change, Graingerboy, and Graham Bonnar (Swervedriver/ Brian Jonestown Massacre).

Ummagma began in 2003 when Alexx Kretov (Ukraine) and Shauna McLarnon (Canada) met in Moscow. Ummagma debuted with 2 LPs (‘Antigravity’ and ‘Ummagma’) in 2012, released the “Split” EP on Som Non-Label in May 2014 and the “Rotation/Live and Let Die” single on Germany’s Emerald & Doreen Recordings in December 2013, followed by the ‘Lama’ LP in late May 2014.