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“Something was definitely happening,” said Tony Visconti. “We knew we were getting closer to what we wanted.” The American-born producer was talking about A Beard Of Stars, the album that paved the way for the “Bolanmania” of the early 1970s. The final LP released by Marc Bolan and his band as Tyrannosaurus Rex before they transmuted into T. Rex, it came out on 13th March 1970.

The album was the follow-up to 1969’s Unicorn, after which Bolan took the bold and decisive step of firing musical partner Steve Peregrin Took. His voice was already on some of the new material Visconti had recorded, so the producer had to replace it with new vocals by Bolan. Meanwhile, Took’s successor, Mickey Finn, started to be integrated into the band. Even if Visconti would find him to be less versatile than his predecessor, his good looks were a help, and he played percussion.

In his autobiography, Bowie, Bolan and the Brooklyn Boy, Visconti wrote: “The album was made in a really good atmosphere, helped no end by Finn’s positive spirit, which all led to the sessions being very creative and experimental.” A Beard Of Stars was also the album on which Marc Bolan went electric, playing Visconti’s guitar just before buying his own Fender White Stratocaster.

“A combination of Marc’s growing proficiency on rock guitar and my engineering chops getting better helped the duo sound more aggressive,” remembered Visconti. One single was released from the album, ‘By The Light Of A Magical Moon’; it missed the UK charts, but the album debuted and peaked at No. 21 and totalled six weeks on the bestsellers. It was clear that Marc Bolan was ready to become the pop star figurehead and idol he soon turned into.

“A Beard of Stars” was the fourth studio album by English psychedelic folk band Tyrannosaurus Rex, and their last before changing their name to T. Rex. It was released on 13th March 1970 by record label Regal Zonophone.

Tracklist 1. “Prelude” 1:04 2. “A Day Laye” 1:56 3. “Woodland Bop” 1:39 4. “Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart” 2:45 5. “Pavilions of Sun” 2:49 6. “Organ Blues” 2:47 7. “By the Light of a Magical Moon” 2:51 8. “Wind Cheetah” 2:38 9. “A Beard of Stars” 1:37 10. “Great Horse” 1:42 11. “Dragon’s Ear” 2:37 12. “Lofty Skies” 2:54 13. “Dove” 2:06 14. “Elemental Child” 5:33

Recorded at the Progressive Rock Festival at The Sport Halle Koln 4th April 1970 on 1/4″ tape. Marc Bolan Guitar/ Vox & Mickey Finn Percussion. Newly discovered reels of tape produced this rare and outstanding live unreleased performance by Marc Bolan & Mickey Finn in the last few weeks of their Tyrannosaurus Rex incarnation before becoming simply T.Rex. The CD comes in card gatefold sleeve with liner notes by Bolan Society main man Andrew Gardner and packed full of information about the festival and also what was going on with Marc & Mickey at that time. The booklet also includes unseen photos. With a cover designed by Les Clark. Recorded one month after the final Tyrannosaurus Rex LP release Beard of Stars. Tracks from that album included are: Pavilions of Sun, By The Light of the Magical Moon, Organ Blues. All royalties go towards The Marc Bolan School of Music / Light of Love Foundation.


1. Hot Rod Mama 2. Debora 3. Pavilions of Sun 4. One Inch Rock 5. By The Light of the Magical Moon 6. Jewel 7. Organ Blues 8. Summertime Blues