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Such a strange time in my life (probably yours too), but all this has lead me to a deeper awareness of every good thing around me. My heart goes out to those who are making such huge sacrifices for their communities and families, those who are suffering from illness or loneliness, and those who have lost jobs or loved ones.
My hope for this year is that I am more appreciative of the good things in my life and more attentive to the suffering of those around me. I want to believe that this season is preparing all of us to stand together in more meaningful ways, starting in the smallness of our daily lives and growing to reach our communities and then the dark and lonely corners of our world.


Released October 24th, 2020

Hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Tyler Burkhart’s career to date has been the epitome of DIY. Tyler’s been releasing his home written, recorded and released music via Bandcamp for a number of years, slowly growing both his audience and his songwriting craft. This week Tyler has confirmed his first not-entirely-DIY release, in the shape of a new single, “Waiting For You”, coming out via Berlin-label, Feel Flows.

Discussing the track, Tyler has suggest it’s about, “different kinds of people and the motives that drive them” and how at the heart of all those desire is a commonality, “they all long for something beyond themselves”. Recalling the likes of Chis Cohen or Angelo De Augustine, Tyler’s music feels instantly intimate, an almost nostalgic sound, all soft vocals and steady rhythmic guitars, embellished with distant electronic pulses and layers of lead guitar. Tyler’s musical career has always felt on a steady upward trajectory; here you feel this may just be a giant leap into the next level, a songwriter who has clearly spent years honing their sound, now ready to share it with as many people as care to listen.


Waiting For You is out now via Feel Flows.