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Face it, the last ten years or so have been a Blur – so much shit going down, good and bad – and a lot of music too. It doesn’t look like its gonna get any easier for Anybody to get their bearing, so Ty Segall and Sea Note have gotten together a special box to help you reorient your head.

This one’s for the freak, the fan, the head. Pig Man Lives is a stack of raw germs that were blown up in the world as Ty Segall releases over this last golden decade or so – specifically, the demos that bred ManipulatorFreedom’s GoblinEmotional MuggerTwinsTy Segall, Slaughterhouse and Sleeper. Each finished record had its own unique aim and intention, but when you hear tracks from 2007 next to tracks from 2015, then 2012 cutting in after 2017, the splatter allows you to experience the continuum of a whole body of work exploding over and over again, in a burst of freedom that accompanies an initial song sketch.

You’re bound to feel different after you’ve spent any kind of quality time with The Pig Man: non-linear reorientation, taking you back and forward over the course of eight sides and 48 songs, there’s even a few that haven’t seen the light of day before! For some of these songs, further evolution brought even more out of them. And some are perfect this way, with rough edges and little details you’re not gonna believe you’ve lived without.

As sure as Pig Man Lives, you won’t have to anymore. Out 11/1,

These last few years have seen a prolific amount of releases from the man Ty Segall’s  from “Goodbye Bread” , Ty Segall has his finger on it. digging into your vinyl, since 2008. Ty plays the show one-man-band style and goes home and plans the rest: the records you got, tunes in your head, the unpretentious display of rock wealth. It’s 2011. Ty is 23.

Twins, It ain’t two records, but it is called Twins. Ty‘s new mind-blow won’t just make you see double, it’ll make you be double! Fold in on yourself endlessly, hold your own hand, and leap towards the mega-Segall-meteor of 2012, Twins.

Sleeper, Ty as Warrior of Mars, here to save Earth’s soul with naught but his six-string resonating axe and freedom-inducing sleeping technique. Sleep with the Segall, dream your dreams!

Manipulator, The clarion call/siren sound of his guitar….the helium-steamed ride of the vocals….track after track, releasing the thought that have been holding us down, all in the name of getting higher on pop songs. Why have one when you can have two? It’s a big world, and Manipulator has only begun to fight.

Emotional Mugger  guitars sliced with scribble graffiti sprawled across the hemispheres;
stuttered, stunted, dual-mono machine dreams flashing sudden stereophobic and back again / two screens alone together squeezing shaking oozing metallic pool like brain blood, slowly draining away
all mental life. shaking ass / nihility at most corrodes candy’s gone no more fun.

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Ty Segall - credit: Kyle Thomas