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Big Ups just landed the weekend square between your eyes. ‘Capitalized’ is a steel fist of fury slamming in to the brain of everyone brave enough to listen. Grounded with a heavy, fuzzy bass line only tilted by the throat stretching vocal.  After letting rip early last year with ‘Eighteen Hours Of Static‘, their rough-hewn debut full-length, ‘Capitalized’ seems like an indication that a follow-up is on the cards for next year; at least judging by an accompanying video teaser they have posted which would seem to indicate it is to be called ‘Before A Million Universes’ and is set for release on Brace Yourself Records, Tough Love Records and Exploding In Sound Records next spring

Unassumingly announced the band have unleashed a hellish ball of frenetic energy culminating in the punk that spews from your speakers. I could go on saying words like eruption, explosion and other natural disaster related terms but that’s boring and Big Ups aren’t.