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Brooklyn’s  The Downies are an underground supergroup of sorts. The band’s members play in an array of other bands and various projects, including Porches and LVL Up, and are by-and-large affiliated with the local SUNY Purchase alumni scene that revolves around the venue David Blaine’s The Steakhouse. an apartment that three-quarters of the band happen to live in and the one that LVL Up  wrote a song about . Downies are believed to play incredible live shows, many of which occur at The Steakhouse and other surrounding venues, but the band hadn’t released any official recordings until “Widow” this is the first single off of Downies’ forthcoming EP, and it’s a welcome introductory taste of a band that’s destined to make a huge defined footprint in the local scene this year.  This was the impetus for Downies beginnings and name, says fellow DBTS dweller / DDW-wizard Dave Benton, “All of the band members lived downstairs at the Brooklyn house-venue, DBTS, thus calling themselves ‘Downies’.

The song itself is a short power-jam replete with a noticeably sunny vocal tone, splashy guitars, and an unabashedly song-driving kick drum pattern. Nearly every moment in the song feels like it cannot wait to get to the next phrase, making the track go by much faster than expected. The chorus features hand claps and tambourine that sound playful when compared to the respective discographies of the Downies members; there is a certain open-air tone that belies the crafted studio sound of both Porches and LVL UP’s most recent full lengths. This is not to say that those albums (Slow Dance In The Cosmos and Hoodwink’d respectively) are without breeziness or fun of their own, but there is a noticeable difference in sound on “Widows” that is hard to sum up in other terms.