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The Shimmer Band (Credit: Steve Gullick)

The Shimmer Band are underground heroes.

Show after show of theirs is packed out, with their last sold out London date at the Camden Assembly leaving scores of ticketless fans outside. Set-opener and emerging anthem ‘What Is Mine?’ is a call to arms, fusing their psychedelic sound with a punk-like approach.

The studio version is crisp and clear, retaining The Shimmer Band’s live energy while adding renewed definition.

The video, is a explosion of colour – welcome to the first Shimmer of love…

An ambitious young group that seem pre-destined to be standing tall by time this upcoming festival season is over, The Shimmer Band possess a rare trait of producing songs that are instantly memorable yet their appeal doesn’t diminish after repeated listens. Aligning massive stadium conquering hooks with a sound that is uncompromising and resolutely of their own devising, the band have sought to build on the momentum of their recent UK tour with new single ‘What Is Mine?’  the Bristolian lads have now put out this ace new single,  The psychedelic rockers are in full flow here, with Tom Newman’s voice oozing out in trippy heaven like the Avon’s answer to Primal Scream.

A track that is billowing with self-belief and exudes that rock ‘n’ roll swagger that many strive for but few ever attain, their latest offering is a heady mix of intergalactic synths and guitar-based bravado that is sure to strike a chord with those seeking something which uproots from mundane, half-baked offerings and heads into another realm.

On The Radar: The Shimmer Band

Bristol-based psychedelic power-rockers The Shimmer Band burst onto the city’s live scene in early 2014, selling out their first gig off the back of a few DIY demos they had managed to float around their friends. By their second gig, they had already gained managerial interest.

“We kicked up a joyous racket and everyone was starting to hear it,” says Tom Newman, the band’s swaggering frontman. From Britpop, psychedelia and EDM, to Frank Sinatra and Dr Dre, The band’s influences are almost as eclectic as the music scene that surrounds them. “It’s a melting pot of experimentation,” says Newman of Bristol.

“[There’s] tremendous spirit and talent and everyone’s got time for each other.”

Newman cites Bristol as a creative hub for the southwest, and believes the rest of the UK is starting to catch on as the city becomes more popular. “If you’re an artist in the southwest of England you gravitate to Bristol,” he says. “That’s a no-brainer. It’s a very creative city. “[There’s] genuinely loads of good music rising up as we speak: Yak, Black Honey, The Amazons, Broken Hands, April, The Wholls and Yves to name a few. And [there’s] a terrific club, This Feeling, that tirelessly gets them in front of people nationwide.


“Our songs definitely translate better on a bigger stage and to do them justice I really think that’s what they deserve.” Having already opened for The Strypes, Jesus And The Mary Chain, Stereophonics and The Vaccines as well as gaining slots at The Great Escape and The Isle Of Wight festival, The Shimmer Band have been firmly cutting their teeth as a live act and have garnered a reputation for it.

“We’re signed to an independent label based in Bristol called Komplex. They’re badass focused with a killer studio and belief for miles,” explains Newman. The band are currently recording their debut LP with Komplex, produced by David Francolini, and have ambitious expectations for the final product.

“We want the album to be 100ft tall in every respect. It’s rock, it’s pop, it’s psychedelic, it grooves and it throws itself off the cliff into free fall,” insists Newman. “It’s a massive cacophony of sound that is emotive, euphoric and inspiring. When you get round to listening to all the tracks as a whole and in sequence it’s definitely not like anything else. It’s unique and exciting and most importantly, a lot of fun.”

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This Feeling are one of the country’s top promoters, a small team supporting new talent from the off, This Feeling were one of the first to put their trust in Catfish & The Bottlemen, one of the first to support Blossoms.

Returning with their Band Of The Month recommendation, This Feeling introduce the charms of The Shimmer Band. Who met at school and found a deep expanding amoeba of musical fire that we all wanted to share with the world. Loving rock ‘n’ roll and they wanna keep that fire burning bright for as long as possible. We wanna inject a bit of euphoria and revelry into this mundane, politically soaked world. With influences of Creation Records and basically every band involved with that label. The fuzz-drenched wall of noise of Jesus And Mary Chain…The multicoloured hazy pop of Super Furry Animals…The ever-evolving boundary-less rock n roll of Primal Scream…The unshakable belief and melody of Oasis.
So the New Year brings with it plenty of expectations, but also plenty of opportunities.

Tom Newman – Voices & Melodies
Babsy – Guitars
Smitty -keys and Synthesizers
Willz – Drums
Kuras – Bass Guitars

The video for SUNKICK the new single by The Shimmer Band.
SUNKICK is out now on Komplex Recordings.