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Sufjan Stevens has shared a self-directed video for ‘The Greatest Gift’, a new track taken from his forthcoming mixtape of the same name, coming tomorrow via Asthmatic Kitty.
The Greatest Gift is a mixtape of outtakes, demos and remixes from Stevens‘ acclaimed 2015 album “Carrie & Lowell”. As well as demos and alternate versions of songs from the original album, the mixtape features four previously unreleased new songs, official outtakes from Carrie & Lowell.
The mixtape also includes a few alternate or demo versions of songs from the original album, including a ‘fingerpicking’ version of ‘Drawn to the Blood’ and a guitar demo version of ‘John My Beloved’, which Stevens recorded on his phone. The digital release also contains an iPhone demo of the song ‘Carrie & Lowell’.

Carrie & Lowell was a huge addition to Sufjan Stevens’s catalog in 2015, so it’s no surprise that he’s revisiting the record to compile the outtakes, remixes and demos. Aptly named The Greatest Gift, Stevens’s new compilation will be out November. 24th, and lead single “Wallowa Lake Monster” ripples into a medley of breathy vocalizations and echoes of whomping horns and tinkling synths and keys, making up seven minutes of ethereal contemplation.