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The bullied becomes the bully.

Our experiences shape us. Societal pressure, violence done to us, violence we witness: it’s trauma. And it can be hard to not buckle and bend and change underneath its weight, it’s heat. Forged in the fires of violence, we distort. The bullied becomes the bully. “The Meanest Little Kid In Town” is taken from “The Family Strange” EP – Out now on Death or Glory Gang Records.

The Family Strange EP is murderous sibling rivalry, wild rebellion and what it’s like to be an outsider in the playground. It’s nursery rhymes and satanic chants. It’s scraped knees and bloody nosed, it’s baby pink and blood red. It’s strength and vulnerability bound together. It’s beauty and ugly blurred. This is my family, this is my home.

The first ever live performance of The Meanest Little Kid In Town. Recorded during lockdown July 2020 Original song taken from The Family Strange EP.