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DANTEVILLES – ” Confessions “

Posted: September 11, 2019 in MUSIC

Duran Duran would be proud of The Dantevilles. ‘Confessions’, following in the footsteps of their break through track ‘It Might Be Tomorrow’, has all the neon soaked sounds of the 80’s with the conviction and production of a modern classic.

They’ve been busy ‘Confessions’ spans close to 5 minutes long, a near life time when it comes to indie anthems. It’s an easy listening, colourful introduction to Jamie Gallagher’s mental journey to redemption.

A chorus full of apologetic lyrics and unashamed falsetto prove to be a sinfully good mix, like a hangover at Sunday Service. Dantevilles are desperate to see behind a deceitful love, and that plays directly to the second coming of the noise being made by Manchester (where the boys hail from). Gone are the days of moody songs about cigarettes – there’s a safe place for male fronted bands to talk about their feelings and ‘Confessions’ is a hymn sheet we can all sing from.

Dantevilles can be forgiven for being a little over-zealous with their backing vocals. To quote the single’s cover art: ‘Sin and risk go hand in hand for the human race to progress.’  The song teeters nervously on the line of sounding like just another synthy northern song, but fights off stereotypes based on it’s sheer likeability. If it’s better to seek forgiveness than permission, they needn’t have been so worried with such a heavenly outcome.

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A fresh-faced, four-piece band emitting new music from the home they call Manchester. Reimaging the sound of the red-brick capital of the North with their uplifting and soulful brand of indie pop, Dantevilles are as sharp as they are raw. Clean, canny guitars and dual captivating vocals never compete for space in their unshakable, off-the-wall arrangements.

"Graffiti" by Dantevilles

This Manchester band have near insatiable energy, a knack for melody that comes allied to an engaging, unhinged live show. The new single ‘Graffiti’ arrives shortly via Heist or Hit, with the Gary Hadfield production providing a crisp sheen to the songwriting.

Brimming with potential, the single has a joyously natural feel. Dantevilles explain:

“‘Graffiti’ is all about escapism. The actual art form of graffiti is about expression with the ability to stay discrete. It’s something completely original, individual and non-conformist. It can be whatever the listeners want to draw relations to. Be that love, lust or travel. The song is about standing out above everyone else.”