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Tamsin Wilson has vocals that hit you with a power and beauty, which almost forces you to close your eyes and imagine some mystical wonderland of pine trees and foggy lakes, the song grows from a fragile four-minutes of plaintive vocals and sparse instrumentation, into the kind of heart-racing build that would send Explosions In The Sky back to the drawing board.”

a whole lot of gorgeous with their own brand of colossal, tempered indie-pop is simply show-stopping, vast and assured in the most heart-pounding way Its swirling, hypnotic vibe serves as a perfect example of why the New York trio are on an upwards trajectory in 2014 with more to come in 20125.  Wilsen approaches every moment with a tasteful, editing ear; nothing is extraneous, and nothing is too bare. Organic and electronic sounds blend with a skilled voice to create an effect that’s nothing short of enchanting. “


The road to one’s demise is often likely viewed in retrospect as a slow, somber, stately march to eternity.  However, the details in real time are tense and energetic, , loved ones rushing to the bedside, grief-stricken anger and inconsolable sorrow flowing forth.

Coming on the heels of last year’s wonderful Magnolia EP, one of my musical favourites Wilsen offering a remix on the next EP  here I am pleased to feature a peek.  Wilsen’s original “Emperor” recounted the death of its namesake in stark austerity, frontwoman Tamsin Wilson employing a dexterous use of space and silence to create a stoic, quietly deafening scene.

As a sharp counterpoint, Death Vessel (nom de plume of Rhode Island alt-folkie Joel Thibodeau) packs the track with frantic percussion and otherworldly vocal swirls.

“Magnolia – Remix”, featuring remixes of the other tracks by Wye Oak, White Hinterland, and Sun Glitters, will be available on the 14th April.  Wilsen will be playing  SXSW in Austin, TX 18th-20th March before supporting alt-soulman Matthew E White on a US tour. Lets hope they come back to the UK soon.


with power and beauty a fragile and sparse four minutes Anahita explodes into sounds that would send Explosions in the Sky back to the drawing Board Wilsen are a Brooklyn based band toure with Daughter and Lia Ices and London Grammar. check out the Ep “Sirens” make sure you catch Wilsen supporting Matthew and the Atlas at the Bodega ……