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7″ hand cut record, limited to 25. Available from our site from 1pm,…view=true

It might be March but we’ve decided it’s definitely not too late to launch our 2015 singles club – The Handcut Record Club.

We’re kicking things off with a new track from The Red Cords, ramshackle, roof raising, garage pop from Cornwall. ‘Scratch it Off’ takes all the promise they exhibited in their first two EP’s and solidifies it into one of the best sub 3 minute pieces of shout-a-long surf rock you’ll hear this side of the summer.


Allah-Las is a very self-assured and accomplished album and belongs in the record collection of anyone with a soft spot for the melodic Psych-Pop/West Coast Rock of the 1960s. While there is a lot of emphasis on atmosphere and “period charm”, there’s so much more to Allah-Las than that. The songs themselves are extremely well-written, arranged and played, instruments ranging from chiming 12-string electric guitars and thumping bass to quietly assertive drums, tambourine, maracas, bongo drums, and the obligatory organ and shakers, all wrapped in the appropriate amount of reverb. these evocative songs conjure up images of southern California, the beach, the sea, youthful romanticism, sunsets, and late night bonfires.


Lo Fi Pop Band BEACH DAY from Florida, Hollywood, Florida is not your typical beach town. The buildings, diners, and of course the beach appear frozen in the 1950’s. Probably a result of the town’s population boom happening in that era, a current drive down the streets feels like your moving through an R. Crumb drawing. Things seem exaggerated and a bit odd. The now mature population seems a caricature of their former ..


Urgent yet dreamy, this breathtaking dose of psychedelia mixes ethereal female harmonies, a soaring melody, and surging beats to dazzling effect. Indie-pop duo Beverly is a project comprised of singer/drummer Frankie Rose and Drew Citron of New York pop stylists Avan Lava, the latter of which wrote the songs that make up the project’s debut LP, “Careers” (Rose pitched in on drums and vocal harmonies). So Beverly is less a true duo than a vehicle for Citron’s compositional voice—Rose has since returned her focus to her solo career, and Citron will flesh out Beverly tracks live with the help of an all new band—and the material reflects Citron’s smart choices with respect to genre and style.

Careers Tracklisting
1. Madora 0:00 ,
2. Honey Do 2:35,
3. Planet Birthday 5:43,
4. All The Things 8:55,
5. Yale’s Life 11:53,
6. Ambular 15:06,
7. Out on a Ride 17:24,
8. Hong Kong Hotel 19:35,
9. You Can’t Get It Right 22:27,
10. Black and Grey 25:30,




new single from the band BEACH DAY from Hollywood Florida, members  Kimmie Drake and Styler Black  had a love of 60’s girl groups this track is taken from the album “Native Echoes”  the album is released on August 19th Beach Day are a  Surf Beach Pop with a lo-fi feel perhaps in the Beach Coast style



The B side to the recent single “501-415” and a cover of the Fanatics surf pop this will be a bonus track from the forthcoming  album “Worship the Sun”  the Las will be touring and playing the Bodega in Nottingham on the 22nd September

check out the mesmerising video to match,