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In brief: Fuzzy, chaotic, but always a blast live. Melt Dunes are a Portsmouth/Southampton based noise-rock band.  Melt Dunes’ raucous racket is a violent sensory attack. Brutal aural experimentation has spawned what is the bastardised sound of whirring psychedelia and gutsy garage noise.


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Any band able to describe their sound as “like wandering alone in a desolate circus at night with the impending doom of being hunted by psychopathic clowns“, gets our ears.

This then is Melt Dunes, almost eight minutes of malevolent, eerie, tortured psychedelia shot through with a garage savagery that makes Epicaricacy a compelling listen. New Southampton based outfit Melt Dunes are a journey into the darkest netherworld of the psychedelic realm. Brooding guitars and synths, distorted fuzz, and tortured wailing vocals, the quartet are the soundtrack to your worst nightmares. The sonic journey of Melt Dunes is like wandering alone in a desolate circus at night with the impending doom of being hunted by psychopathic clowns, it’s eerily marvellous.

With their debut single ‘Epicaricacy’ released digitally on the 25th May on Strong Island Recordings the home to releases from the likes of Arrows of Love, Boneyards and Gang; Melt Dunes are the latest doom ridden psych meets garage rock act to grace the south-coast label.

You can catch Melt Dunes on the following dates:

14/05/2015 The Great Escape Festival At Bleach


Australian psych-pop darlings Violet Swells have a new single out soon, which you can hear first here!

“Here Comes Yesterday” ramps up the baroque-pop splendour of their early singles, and expands into newer areas, with twin guitars, squelchy synths and a push into more progressive territory. Chief Swell guy Ben Simms says “I’ve been listening to a lot more prog, and I think that has been permeating into my song writing, mixing with the three minute sunshine pop songs I usually record. Buying a synth helped to open up different ideas that I otherwise probably wouldn’t have had too..”

“Here Comes Yesterday” will be released on Mirador Records in Australia and Strong Island Recordings in the U.K.