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If you’ve been listening to Aussie music with sharp ears over the last couple of years, there’s a pretty strong chance that you would have already been exposed to the two members of St. Ives in their solo guises, but now the two talented artists have joined forces to create something especially tasty.

St. Ives is a relatively new collaborative project combining the stunning voice of Perth’s Anna O’Neil (better known as Anna O) and the musical talents of Melbourne producer Arik Blum, as they pay homage to the downtempo trip-hop sounds of the mid-’90s, with a contemporary alt-pop edge.

Their tender debut single ‘Nowhere’ shows the duo’s respective talents coming together to create something brilliant, with Blum’s gorgeous, lush instrumentation the foundation, and O’Neil’s emotive vocals the varnish that makes it shine.With the new project having only been on the scene for a short time, they’ll be continuing to share more tracks with the world over the next few months, and we’re already intrigued to hear what St. Ives have in store for us next.