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Counting Crows are about to tour the UK in support of a newly released album “Somewhere Under Wonderland” their seventh studio album the first studio album since 2008 album “Saturday Night and Sunday Mornings” the band will be playing at Leicester De Montfort Hall on 8th November this is a clip from their recent session for “Front and Center” in New York. there is lots of piano and wonderful guitar textures and moments of the band rocking out the music weaving within Adams soulful vocal and lyrics full of stories.


with a new album “Somewhere Under Wonderland” and a current UK tour COUNTING CROWS have released their first album in six years and it certainally among one of their best pieces of work, impassioned and thoughtful full of thought provoking songs, the band seem refreshed songs built around piano and trumpet with woozy psych guitar effects . Palisades Park is a urban sprawl in the vein of Springsteen’s “Jungleland”