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Smokeys are all sorts of excited to release our newest single today ‘Save Us Sarah’ in anticipation of our upcoming third full length record “I Love You But Damn” (July 10th on Freakout Records babyyyyy!) This one is a rock and roll powerhouse.

We wrote Save Us Sarah as we were getting involved with the Save Our Showbox campaign here in Seattle. With the rallying cry to save one of our most beloved music venues ringing in our ears, we thought a lot about our music community and the people and places that make it come alive. The folks that do it for the passion, the joy, and the belief in rock and roll. The old punks that dole out guidance to the younger generation, sneer at the stuffy transplants, and might kick your beer over in the name of a sweet guitar solo.

This song has taken on a different meaning during COVID as a lot of the music venues we hold dear may not make it through. For us, it’s now a rally song to save what brings life to Seattle and to any city worth its salt: the music.

Stay safe, stay strong. We’re with you in spirit, and in song. Xoxo-

“Save Us Sarah” is the fourth single from Smokey Brights new record “I Love You But Damn.” Out summer 2020 via Freakout Records.

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Smokey Brights make music that taps into history and stretches out a kind of visionary rock that rolls relentlessly forwardwhile recombining iconic sounds – from funk to Fleetwood Mac, Bowie to Blur, disco to Dire Straits, and splashes of Floyd psychedelia – crafting something urgent, fun, and utterly surprising.

it was back in 2010 than Smokey Brights first formed; Ryan Devlin and Kim West, a new couple with not much money to spare, set about singing Christmas songs to give out as gifts, seven years later they’re stilling singing. They may have been making music for a number of years, however with the release of their upcoming EP, Come To Terms, 2018 looks like being the year when a lot more people notice them doing it.


The recently released title track, Come To Terms, is a fine introduction to the band’s sound, built around reverberating guitars and bombastic drum beats, it finds Ryan’s gravelly, Cold War Kids meets Two Gallants, vocal to the fore, while Kim’s soulful Beth Ditto like backing adds some wonderful depth to the track. Come To Terms is a record of social division, soundtracking the growth of political chasms between alternating view points, and asking how we can go about rising above and starting to heal the wounds; as Devlin sings on the closing track, “This is not the time to turn your back on what you see. Find the strength in you, and I will find the good in me”. There’s plenty of good to be found here, a big bold and important record, Smokey Brights are a band who seven years in have never sounded more important.