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Sløtface (yes, prounounced that way) has been through many “phases” as a band, and their next one is sure to be the biggest yet.

Four years ago, there was no Sløtface, just four teens looking to turn the Norwegian music industry on it’s head. Concerned with the progressive disappearance of rock and guitar in Norway’s pop music, as well as the restrictive point of views that were being represented, the band members were focused on changing that scene.

“We deserve to hear different identities.That’s owed to us,” said lead singer Haley Shea. “I write from a female perspective because I feel like women’s voices are underrepresented in general. Especially women angry about things. And I think it’s okay to be angry about things.” And thus the unabashedly unique pop-punk Sløtface was formed.

Their new track “Bright Lights,” proves they’re entering their prime. Think the Neighborhood meets your favorite pop-punk band from middle school—absolutely classic. Living up to its lyrics, the track “never feels the same anyway,” taking a classic song structure for a loop with a commanding bridge. The track itself was inspired by an overwhelming need to get away.

“Bright Lights’ is about escaping from things that are going on in your own head and in society in general by distracting yourself, especially from the minor and major personal issues we all have,” Shea explained. “It’s about a desire for escape, and a break from dealing with things that might seem too hard.”

With their forthcoming EP Empire Records EP will no doubt spark a riotous response from their already devoted fan base came out November 18th, it’s safe to say we’re soon going to be hearing a lot more about Sløtface. Nevertheless, we won’t help but giggle a little when we mention their name to everyone we know.



Sløtface have  unveiled their new video for ‘Bright Lights’ – tackling the subject of the dangers that face young women walking home at night.

Taken from their acclaimed new EP ‘Empire Records’, the new video from the rising Norwegian punks seeks to raise awareness of the ‘everyday sexism’ that faces females at night time. “We wanted to show people all of the things women do to feel safer when they’re walking home at night alone,” singer Haley Shea  “We think it’s wrong that you should feel less safe being a woman on the streets, and worry that people don’t pay enough attention to it as an issue. It’s all about removing everyday sexism and making the world a safer place for everyone. We think awareness is a good place to start.”

“Maybe sometimes it feels like you’re putting someone on the spot when you’re asking them to have real opinions, which seems like a weird way to approach music in general but for our sake our whole thing is trying to write pop music that’s catchy enough but it’s actually about something important,” Shea told NME about the band’s approach. “Like we’re tricking you into listening to this feminist anthem with like super-clear tendencies but you never realised it.”

The ‘Empire Records EP’ is out now.

Meanwhile, as well as appearing at The Great Escape, South By South West and Eurosonic Noorderslag in 2017, Sløtface’s upcoming UK headline tour dates are below.

The Castle, Manchester (13)
Oporto, Leeds (14)
Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow (15)
Kamio, London (17)
Green Door Store, Brighton (18)

Technically, “Sponge State” is Sløtface‘s first single. Well, the first name under the name of Sløtface, anyway. You see up until 1st April 2016, the four-piece band, who hail from Stavanger in Norway, were known instead as Slutface. The change came about because of “social media censorship”, but what the band didn’t change was their brilliant brand of feminist pop punk.

Clearly it hasn’t been a set back for the band, either. “Sponge State” is the first single off an EP of the same name due to be released 27th May 2016 via Propeller Records. From the outset it’s a typhoon of heavy punk guitars and defiance, reminiscent of bands like Bully and Doe. “All my friends are making names for themselves,” singer Haley Shea spits in this anthem to disenfranchised, angsty youth. It’s so relatable that the chorus literally features the line “I keep thinking about that summer we discovered Bon Iver.” We all, and I think I speak for pretty much for the entire planet, remember where we were for that summer,

The EP is set to feature new versions of some of the band’s previously released songs, including the anthemic “Get My Own”, which finds Haley pushing out her own space, not just for herself, but for all women. “We refuse to scared to walk all alone,” she shouts in a particularly rousing cry. It’s the kind of song that is necessary at the moment, the kind of song that people can unite around.

Sløtface are a band that you need to get behind; a band with that rare blend of passion, politics and great song writing.


New single ’Sponge State’ out now via Propeller Recordings