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Sir Woman’s performance of “Thinkin’ Bout Tomorrow” from her 2020 EP Bitch. This session was filmed live at OurVinyl Studios in Nashville, TN.

Sir Woman is the newest creation from Kelsey Wilson, co-founder of Wild Child and member of Glorietta. Wilson has been co-writing, singing, and arranging strings on over 15 albums and musical projects spanning all musical genres. With Sir Woman, Kelsey explores a mix of R&B, pop, soul, and funk. About her 2020 EP “Bitch” Kelsey says, “This EP is me finding what makes me feel good and falling in love with myself. A mix of everything that makes my body move — pop, soul, gospel, funk, folk, and R&B. It feels so right to make a record that has my actual heart in it,” Wilson said. “These songs are the part of me that wants to help people fall in love with themselves through music. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

About : OurVinyl films creative live performances with both emerging and established musicians. Filming artists in unique settings that complement the music while capturing studio quality audio regardless of the setting. It’s all live, all one take, no punching in, no autotune, no cheating. Just high energy and true authenticity.

SIR WOMAN – ” Bitch ” EP

Posted: September 18, 2020 in MUSIC
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Kelsey here. I’m sure 2020 has been monumental for everyone and I wanted to reach out and tell each of you how loved and missed you all are ! While it breaks my heart not to be able to share music with you in person I feel that it’s more important than ever for music to be made! That being said, so much is happening in the world of Wild Child and I can’t wait to share it all!

First! I made a solo record and it’s about to drop on October 16TH! Three singles have been released already and the title track “Bitch” comes out on 10/1/20 !!

So far the music has done really well and taken on a life of its own. My song “Highroad” was on NPR listed as one of the 9 songs public radio couldn’t stop playing! I’ll include a link to that and the quarantine music video I made of people dancing to my other single “Making Love” .

I am so excited to share this music with the Wild Child family. You guys are the only reason I continue doing what I do and make as much music as my heart will allow, and your support over the years makes me feel like I might explode with love and gratitude. I hope that the Sir Woman EP “Bitch” makes you feel as powerful/beautiful/capable as it made me feel while I was making the record! Please give it a listen and share!! It has my actual heart and soul in it as my gift to all of you.

We lost a couple of heroes recently. Here’s a tribute to one of them. Just The 2 Of Us by Bill Withers

Alexander has been releasing his solo music as well under the moniker CoCoZandi and it’s also Insanely good. Y’all make sure to check that out as well! Also.. We will begin writing the 5th Wild Child record this fall and will be booking some very special online shows to premier some of the new tunes we are working on! The Wild Child family will just keep growing as long as you guys are here for the ride!

Sending you and yours all the love and light in the world. Stay at home if you can, wash you hands, wear a mask, All love,

Kelsey of Wild Child is SIR WOMAN