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Sir Woman’s performance of “Thinkin’ Bout Tomorrow” from her 2020 EP Bitch. This session was filmed live at OurVinyl Studios in Nashville, TN.

Sir Woman is the newest creation from Kelsey Wilson, co-founder of Wild Child and member of Glorietta. Wilson has been co-writing, singing, and arranging strings on over 15 albums and musical projects spanning all musical genres. With Sir Woman, Kelsey explores a mix of R&B, pop, soul, and funk. About her 2020 EP “Bitch” Kelsey says, “This EP is me finding what makes me feel good and falling in love with myself. A mix of everything that makes my body move — pop, soul, gospel, funk, folk, and R&B. It feels so right to make a record that has my actual heart in it,” Wilson said. “These songs are the part of me that wants to help people fall in love with themselves through music. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

About : OurVinyl films creative live performances with both emerging and established musicians. Filming artists in unique settings that complement the music while capturing studio quality audio regardless of the setting. It’s all live, all one take, no punching in, no autotune, no cheating. Just high energy and true authenticity.