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Southampton born emo revivalists Creeper scared the life out of fans when they hinted that their sold-out show at Koko in 2018 might be their last. In fact, it was just the end of the past as they usher in a new era with the arrival of second album ‘Sex, Death & the Infinite Void’.

“The infinite void was literally where we were drifting for some time while making this album. I didn’t know if Creeper was going to come back, I didn’t know if we were over. I was floating through California with the shards of a broken relationship and a band that I’d just broken up on stage that had been my life’s work.” – Will Gould

Creeper will be hitting the road during March next year, heading out on a huge tour to promote the new material with support coming from Holding Absence, Wargasm and Static Dress

‘Sex, Death & the Infinite Void’ is out now available on CD, Purple Vinyl and a Bundle of both!

Band Members
Dan Bratton – Drums.
Oliver Burdett – Guitar.
Ian Miles – Guitar.
Will Gould – Vocals.
Sean Scott – Bass.
Hannah Greenwood – Keys.

King Dude returns with his latest meditation in eleven parts titled “Sex”. Following in the tradition of unexpected divination through the good lord Lucifer, the King challenges the listener to explore the theme of sexuality through nothing other than rock n’ roll of course. An album about dudes, girls that no one knows, backseats, becoming a movie star in L.A., Lucifer, and wanting to die in sex positions,  His Majesty, monarch of the morose plots a fifth set of infernal coordinates, spins an archaic compass and navigates the way to a post-punk prairie, resplendent in dark blossoms of neofolk and blues. Lust, passion and desire are summoned for company and make the acquaintance of habitual consorts macabre and melancholy


King Dude is “our favorite whiskey-soaked Luciferian sex god” his latest album hammers that point home even further—especially the “sex” part. The King (né TJ Cowgill) has issued his most dynamic, varied effort yet with Sex, a long, slow ride through his customary dark folk, post-punk, swaggering rock ‘n’ roll. He’s all over the place here, redefining the King Dude sound whenever he feels like it, and circling back to more familiar, lovelorn territory on the wine-stained closing dirge “Shine Your Light,” his shuddering baritone holding court throughout. The snarling devil country of “I Wanna Die at 69” slithers up against the clean majesty of “Holy Christos” and surrealist garagey racket of “Swedish Boys,” changing gears with every song and oozing sensual energy even when Cowgill gets truly weird (see “The Girls,” a full-blown psychedelic nightmare). Whether you’re trying to fuck or feel like making love, Sex is the perfect soundtrack.


from the enjoyable debut  album of the same name the 1975 the 4 piece from Macclesfield have had some catchy songs released as singles to date