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“Bad Ideas” by Saintseneca from the album ‘Such Things’, available now

The band originated during Zac Little’s teenage years in a small Appalachian town in Noble County, Ohio. Little then relocated to the city of Columbus, Ohio with original members Steva Jacobs and Luke Smith to attend Ohio State University. Throughout his college years in Columbus, Little accumulated and learned a number of instruments: banjo, mandolin, dulcimer and more, and upon meeting violinist Grace Chang, Saintseneca’s initial live line-up coalesced in the fall of 2008. This line-up toured regionally around the East Coast and released the four-track Saintseneca EP on September 1st, 2009. This was followed with the release of the five track Grey Flag EP on March 30, 2010.

This line-up continued to tour the Midwest and East Coast throughout 2010 and early 2011 while work began on their first full-length album, Last which was released by Mama Bird Recording Co. in August 2011. The initial line-up amicably dissolved on August 31, 2011 after the album release show for Last in Columbus.

Since releasing their debut album, the band has brought Steve Ciolek (The Sidekicks), Maryn Jones (All Dogs), Jon Meador, and Matt O’Conke (also of Tin Armor) into the band.  The band signed to ANTI- records in the spring of 2013. On October 9th, 2015 the band released their third album, Such Things.

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This is the year of Maryn Jones, or at least a higher profile. The Columbus,Ohio musician shared a gorgeously haunting solo album as “Yowler”, her emotionally charged rock band All Dogs are about to release their magnificent debut LP, and the world is just learning of a new record this fall from Saint Seneca. The DIY folk ensemble has always been Zac Little’s baby, but on the pleasantly rumbling “Sleeper Hold,” he wisely puts Jones’ sweet songbird chirps on equal footing with his quavering Appalachian howls. Jones’ songwriting tends to communicate deep feelings in powerful turns of phrase, but Little is more concerned with abstract questions like “What is a dream made of? What is the thingy-ness of thought? Where does the substance of perception converge with the perceived?” “Sleeper Hold” peels open those ideas and finds beauty inside


not like your normal Folk Group they have an ability to write great songs ,frontman Zac Little finds himself with a new line up, Saint Seneca are a Columbus-Ohio based band their recent album DARK ARC , dark ambient intuitively crafted songs with infectious tunes loads of energy and amazing vocal harmonies.