SAINT SENECA – ” All You’ve Got Is Everyone “

Posted: February 7, 2021 in MUSIC
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Saint Seneca is back with another dose of the gorgeous, triumphant indie folk that they’ve become best known for. Main member Zac Little says, “I wanted to write a Christmas song, but it didn’t feel right this time, so I thought about old new years and made a Valentine. I miss everyone, and I figure a song is kind of like a little tent. A place in space and time – you can pack it up and take it with you, get it out when you need it, and I like to imagine being together inside. Columbus-based folk-punk artist Saint Seneca  has returned to the scene with his latest single, “All You’ve Got Is Everyone.” The song is out now via ANTI-records

This track has a moderate tempo, accompanied by Little’s longing vocals and dreamscape guitar synth that blends harmoniously to create a story of ardent longing. Written during the pandemic and in the midst of a global lockdown, Little wrote the track to embody a hug—something that is not attainable at the current moment.  

“All You’ve Got Is Everyone” is Saintseneca’s first single since 2019 and it features less folk and more lo-fi drum/bass that sounds something like a new beginning. Saintseneca’s last album was 2018’s Pillar of Nawhich was produced by Mike Mogis.

I really admire this band on so many fronts: the musicianship, the songcraft, the ranging harmonies, the tender vocals, the sweet tunes, the ease with which they move from gentle melody to riotous foot-stomping, and more. This particular song covers a lot of emotional ground, and I detect a hint of their Dark Arc work in the play of the bass and the lead vocal. 

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