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Sad Cactus Records have a real knack at finding great bands before anyone else is talking about them, and Providence’s Lookers are no exception. Set to release their debut EP, Mirage, on November 9th, the band’s first single “Depressed” is locked in from the very start, a circular groove bounces along with hypnotic energy before the gnashing vocals add an element of aggression. Muggs Fogarty’s voice ranges between sweet warble and agitated howl, both soothing and commanding, winding together with the tangled slow burn of the guitars. The song grows more caustic as it unfolds, a wash of noise permeating their brash post-punk, only to emerge deeper into their impenetrable rhythm.


“Depressed” is the lead single off of LOOKERS debut EP due out November 9th, via Sad Cactus Records.

Whatever the frightening, smoldering, horned beast bursting out of its home on this record’s front cover is supposed to be, it looks like an animalistic manifestation of Full Body’s sound. With bristly riffs and pointy rhythms, the Rochester, NY quartet rip up the floorboards of indie rock on these eight songs. It’s a welcomed fracas, though, as these old buildings need to be torn down and reassembled in order to appeal to new renters. Not that Full Body are finished renovating an entire genre after their debut record, a construction job like that takes time and outside assistance. But it’s a project that Full Body and their Upstate New York colleagues in Total Yuppies, Jouska and Bruiser & Bicycle seems to be making headway on together, and within the next few years it might have some serious curb appeal. That’s what’s good.


released September 22nd, 2017
The Band:
Jack Chaffer: drums
Zach “Joe Smoke” Hallenbeck: vocals, bass
Jacob Kotler: guitar
Dylan Vaisey: vocals, guitar

Released on Sad Cactus Records