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The lovely Mr Ruston Kelly has announced the release of his third album ‘Shape & Destroy’ which is due out on 28th August via Rounder Records, and to accompany the news he’s today released a new song from it called ‘Rubber’ which you can watch below.

Co-produced by Kelly and longtime collaborator Jarrad K and recorded at Dreamland Recording Studios in upstate New York, ‘Shape & Destroy’ documents Kelly’s journey through maintaining his sobriety and facing his past. He addresses these experiences and setbacks across thirteen new songs including ‘Brave’ which premiered earlier this year.

Reflecting on the album, Kelly says: “Making this record definitely taught me that I don’t want to be selfish: I want to channel something larger than myself and give myself to the process as fully as possible, because these songs also become the story of whoever hears them. Whatever someone might get out of listening to this record and hearing me express myself in this way, it’s completely theirs.”

“Radio Cloud” is the Nashville singer/songwriter’s third single from his forthcoming album Shape & Destroy (out August. 28th). It’s a cathartic country-folk ballad, following the release of the very Elliott Smith-influenced “Rubber” and “Brave.” The album is sure to be an enchanting, emotional masterpiece.

In addition to Kelly (vocals, acoustic guitar, high-strung acoustic, electric guitar, piano, percussion, sandpaper, mandolin) and Jarrad K (electric guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, piano, Rhodes, Hammond M3, percussion, student bells, background vocals), the album also features Kelly’s father Tim “TK” Kelly (steel guitar, background vocals), Eli Beaird (bass, background vocals) and Eric Slick (drums, percussion, background vocals) as well as special guests Gena Johnson, Abby Kelly and Kacey Musgraves on background vocals.

Ruston Kelly released his full-length debut album ‘Dying Star’ in 2018. Also co-produced by Kelly and Jarrad K, the album landed on several “Best of 2018” lists including Rolling Stone, Paste, American Songwriter, NPR Music described it as “a solid foundation for what should become a promising and long-lasting career.” Kelly also released ‘Dirt Emo Vol. 1’ this past autumn —a project consisting of eight new covers of his favourite emo songs including Dashboard Confessional’s ‘Screaming Infidelities’ featuring the band’s lead singer Chris Carrabba, Wheatus’ ‘Teenage Dirtbag,’ The Carter Family’s ‘Weeping Willow’ and Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well,’ which earned praise from Swift herself.

Ruston Kelly performing Radio Cloud. © 2020 Rounder Records., Distributed by Concord.

Brave is a sword song. Writing it made me feel armed to face my lesser self. Because becoming a better version of myself requires taking account of the painful missteps along the way and fighting the anguish of facing them. And to ultimately (and hopefully) come out better than who I was before. Taller and stronger. This is the highest achievement a human being can hope for, everything else is secondary.

In conjunction with the song, Kelly will release a new “Brave” t-shirt today with a design featuring his handwritten lyrics. All proceeds from t-shirt sales will be donated to MusiCares.
The new song adds to a breakthrough series of years for Kelly, whose most recent project, Dirt Emo Vol. 1, was released this past fall via Rounder Records (stream/purchase here). Co-produced by Kelly and Jarrad K, the eight-song release consists of Kelly’s favorite songs including a rendition of Dashboard Confessional’s “Screaming Infidelities” featuring the band’s lead singer Chris Carrabba, a live cover of Wheatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag” and new versions of The Carter Family’s “Weeping Willow” and Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well.”
Kelly’s version of “All Too Well” was released to widespread critical praise and garnered attention from Swift herself. Billboard declared, “Kelly puts his own haunting spin on the track with yearning vocals, delicate percussion and soaring instrumentation,” while UPROXX praised, “his rendition is a beautiful tribute to the raw emotionality of the original. He makes the song his own with atmospheric instrumentals, replacing Swift’s driving percussion with drums that sound more soft and searching.”
The EP follows the release of Kelly’s critically acclaimed, full-length debut album, Dying Star, in the fall of 2018 . Co-produced by Kelly and Jarrad K, Dying Star landed on several “Best of 2018” lists including Rolling Stone, Paste, UPROXX, American Songwriter and NPR Music, which declared, “Kelly digs down deep on Dying Star to fearlessly put forth a set of songs steeped in emotional twists, turns and complications…This here is powerful stuff.”

Ruston Kelly performing Brave. © 2020 Rounder Records., Distributed by Concord.