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Two days before Pearl Jam’s headlining Bonnaroo show, the rock legends performed a career-spanning set for just 250 fans at Third Man Records’ Nashville venue, Blue Room. The results were recorded direct to acetate and will be released as a limited edition live LP through Third Man’s Vault subscription service.

Vault Package 29 will include a black-and-gold, split-colored vinyl edition of the concert, along with a seven-inch featuring a solo Eddie Vedder acoustic song recorded at Third Man’s Voice-o-Graph recording booth. Rounding out the set is a hardcover photo book featuring shots by the label’s in-house photographer, Jamie Goodsell; a metal lapel pin featuring a custom Pearl Jam/Third Man mash-up logo; and a circular patch with the same design.

Pearl Jam performed 10 tracks during their wide ranging Blue Room show opening with a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Interstellar Overdrive” and spanning their own catalog, from the albums Ten deep cut “Deep” to 2006’s “Life Wasted.” The band kicked off their encore with unreleased track “Of the Earth,” bringing out Third Man founder Jack White to trade guitar solos with Mike McCready. A preview of the thunderous latter song is available below.


Members of Pearl Jam’s Ten Club will receive a single-use coupon for $15 off the Vault package. The official deadline to subscribe to the service is July 31st. Full details are available at the Third Man Records. website

Last month, Vedder performed a surprise set of hits and cover tunes at the Chicago benefit concert. During Neil Young’s “Rockin’ In the Free World,” Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin and guitarist-New York Yankees centerfielder Bernie Williams joined the singer.

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On June 9th, 2016, Third Man Records was humbled to welcome Pearl Jam for a performance in our Nashville Blue Room live venue. Kept secret until the absolute last moment, the crowd of only 250 included lucky Ten Club members, mayors, NBA superstars, country music royalty, and possibly even a few stowaways. To call it a “warm-up” for their headlining set at Bonnaroo two nights later would be to vastly undervalue the evening. The band tore through a clutch collection of songs that spanned both deep cuts and fan favorites. A classic like “Deep” from Ten sits comfortably next to “Life Wasted” from their self-titled album Pearl Jam, and set-closer “Let Me Sleep” was originally recorded in 1990 (and was the band’s first-ever Ten Club release). The highlight of the performance came when Pearl Jam invited Jack White and his guitar to the stage to join on a song that clocked in at over seven minutes and featured wild dueling solos between White and Mike McCready, this epic performance left every mouth in the audience agape and every face on stage all smiles. Those seven minutes were truly some of the most memorable and historic in seven years since the Blue Room opened its doors.

All this said, it should come as no surprise that this performance is the centerpiece of Third Man’s 29th Vault package: a black-and-gold, split-colored vinyl version of Pearl Jam’s set, recorded live direct-to-acetate and packaged in a stunning custom jacket, all soft touch coating and gilded gold metallic ink. While split-colors are normally only made available to attendees of the show, the opportunity to share this once-in-a-lifetime performance with the wide-reaching TMR and PJ world’s was too good to pass up

The following afternoon Eddie Vedder entered Third Man Records’ Voice-o-Graph recording booth and performed an arresting, solo acoustic song. Housed in a custom TMR Record Booth sleeve and pressed on clear transparent vinyl (just like the original) this disc captures a poignant moment for Vedder, and marks the event of yet another musical legend making exceptional use of the Third Man Recording Booth.

Third Man’s accomplished in-house photographer Jamie Goodsell documented the entirety of the evening’s events on his trusty SLR camera. These images have been compiled into a timeless photo book. This embossed, fabric-wrapped, 9” x 6” hardcover photo collection gives the viewer the ability to look behind the curtain, both into Pearl Jam and Third Man’s worlds on a special night for both parties.

Rounding out Vault Package #29 are a 1” round metal lapel pin utilizing the custom Pearl Jam/Third Man mashup logo (printed onto silk-screened posters and complimentary beer koozies used that fateful night) in addition to a 3” circular patch of the same design, featuring gold thread and just begging to be sewn onto your motorcycle leather, denim vest, varsity jacket, backpack, wedding gown, pillowcase, coffin lining, underwear, etc, etc…

ALL of these items will ONLY be available as part of Third Man’s Platinum Vault Subscription service. For this Vault Package #29 ONLY, all members of Pearl Jam’s Ten Club will receive a SINGLE-USE coupon code entitling them to $15 off the cost of the package. Ten Club members active as of 6/30/16 have been sent their unique code as well as instructions to subscribe. Platinum Vault Subscriptions using this coupon code WILL NOT RENEW for the next Vault cycle. Subscribe early, subscribe often — Just make sure you subscribe by July 31st, the official deadline. It is our hope that Ten Club members will enjoy the experience of the Third Man Vault and Third Man Vault members will be incentivized to further explore Pearl Jam’s incredibly rewarding fan club.

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<b>Mother Love Bone</b> | Metal Is Power

Mother Love Bone was something of a grandfather to grunge before Nirvana became its poster- child. After releasing highly-influential Apple, the band’s front-man Andrew Wood, died of an overdose and the remaining band members went on to form a little alternative rock band called Pearl Jam.

Mother Love Bone. Future Pearl Jam members Stone Gossard (guitar) and Jeff Ament (bass) were founders of this Seattle-based glam/punk outfit, which was fronted by flamboyant singer Andrew Wood. But despite countless accolades from the press and their peers, the group’s career was cut short before it could truly blossom due to tragedy.

Both Gossard and Ament had previously been members of Seattle garage rockers Green River (a group that also included future Mudhoney members Mark Arm and Steve Turner), and upon the group’s breakup in 1988, the guitarist and bassist stuck together, looking to form a group more a kin to the arena rockers of their youth (Kiss, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Queen, etc.). Joining Gossard and Ament was drummer Greg Gilmore, second guitarist Bruce Fairweather, and the Wood on vocals. as a member of another Seattle outfit, Malfunkshun was the complete opposite of the prototypical Seattle frontman as he patterned his look and vocal style after such renowned frontmen as Freddie Mercury, Paul Stanley, and Marc Bolan. But although the group had a few similarities to the then-flourishing glam metal scene, the group’s sound was tougher and more rooted in classic rock than their soon-to-be disposable glam contemporaries.


The group created a buzz from the get-go as the quintet inked a deal with Polygram shortly after forming and were given their own label, Stardog, resulting in the release of the six-track EP Shine in 1989. The year was spent touring and plotting their full-length debut, which was eventually completed by the end of the year, with a projected release in spring of 1990. Expectations for the disc were high and sensing this, Wood wanted to be at his best, so the singer checked himself into a rehab center to try and conquer an addiction to heroin. But on March 16th, 1990, Wood was found by his fiancée unconscious in his bed, having overdosed on the drug. Despite efforts to revive him, Wood was eventually pronounced dead three days later. Devastated, the group called it quits as the resulting album,  Apple, was issued several months later in the fall of 1990.

Temple of the Dog

Gossard and Ament slowly worked their way back into music, as they joined up with Soundgarden members Matt Cameron and Chris Cornell (the latter a good friend and former roommate of Wood‘s) to record a pair of songs that Cornell had penned for the late singer. But the sessions soon took on a life of their own and a full album’s worth of tunes was recorded, issued as a self-titled release in 1991 under the name of Temple of the Dog (a phrase from one of Wood‘s lyrics). The album also saw contributions from guitarist Mike McCready and singer Eddie Vedder, two musicians who Gossard and Ament had been jamming with, soon resulting in the formation of Pearl Jam. With both Soundgarden and Pearl Jam enjoying massive commercial success in 1992, Temple of the Dog enjoyed a second wind on the charts and became a sizeable hit, as interest in Mother Love Bone perked up as well. Sensing this, Polygram reissued both Shine and Apple together as a self-titled release, as well as a home video Love Bone Earth Affair. In addition, the epic Mother Love Bone song “Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns” was included on the hit soundtrack to the movie Singles the same year. Besides Gossard and Ament, the other surviving members of Mother Love Bone have subsequently issued recordings as part of other bands,

In October, Pearl Jam gave an unannounced full performance of their fourth studio album,” No Code”, during a concert in Moline, Illinois. It marked only the second time in the band’s entire career that they played an entire album in concert, and the first time with No Code.
Today, the band released a professional bootleg recording of the concert. It’s available on CD and digitally through the band’s concert archive website. The Moline concert also featured the live debut of a new song called “Moline”, which Eddie Vedder reportedly wrote 10 minutes before the show. Watch fan-shot footage of “Smile” from No Code

Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town,Full performance of No Code Sometimes,
Hail Hail, Who You Are, In My Tree, Smile, Off He Goes, Habit, Red Mosquito, Lukin, Present Tense, Mankind (Tour debut),
I’m Open (Tour debut), Around the Bend, Given to Fly, Interstellar Overdrive (Pink Floyd cover), Corduroy, Mind Your Manners,
Brain of J., Infallible, Even Flow, Gone, Garden Porch,
Moline (New Song), Bee Girl, Imagine (John Lennon cover), In Hiding, Lightning Bolt, Do the Evolution, Jeremy, Why Go,
Encore 2
Eruption (Van Halen cover), Alive, Fuckin’ Up (Neil Young cover), Yellow Ledbetter,