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Palma Violets are sadly no more, but three of the band’s members have been joined by members of The Big Moon to form their new project, Gently Tender. This means they’ll sound instantly familiar, even though their slower brand indie rock might not be. Our new single ‘True Colours (Sometime I’ll Get Through)’ is out today. We shot the video in the historic Chislehurst caves just outside south east London . It was like being In another universe for a day far below the surface blistering heat of London .

“True colours (Sometime I’ll Get Through)” is a song that on the surface seems like a conversation between two people in a relationship. It’s actually based on a conversation between myself and unwanted emotions – like feelings of anxiety and depression. This is a theme in quite a few songs on the record – but on this song I’m studying and welcoming thoughts as if they are a long lost friend. Showing interest in the feelings and showing them I’m willing to be patient with them. Once you welcome them in, they’re less of a threat. This is how I’ve learned to manage these emotions throughout my life. Sam

our album “Take Hold Of Your Promise!”


This was a big surprise, then, when a sweet, female-fronted acoustic ballad – with whistling – opened the album. Jealous of the Birds is Northern Irish singer-songwriter Naomi Hamilton, whose airy voice massages, even on the mournfully delicious anti-suicide ballad of the title track. She ramps up the guitar occasionally – and successfully – for a garagey feel, and there’s also the sneery blues chug of “Powder Junkie”, another treat. What’s great is that, while she dips into it on songs such as “The Zodiac Bar”, Hamilton mostly stays away from the whole ethereal-ambient post-Cocteaus thing that would seem the obvious choice for her voice, instead focusing on lyrical songs that the old Brill Building masters would be pleased with.


Official video directed by Roger Sargent for the title track from the Palma Violets second album ‘Danger In The Club’ out 4th May on Rough Trade Records. Palma Violets premiered their new single ‘Danger In The Club’ earlier this evening.

The Violets’ first work since their 2013 debut album ‘180’, the track is a full on garage rock ‘n’ roller with jaunty piano and ragged vocals of Messrs. Fryer and Jesson. The Palma Violets are currently out on the road in the UK with NME Awards Tour , with remaining dates as below. After these they head to the US next month to play SXSW and Burgerama.


The Newly announced NME tour with NME AWARDS TOUR 2015 As Dawn approaches this night and to be the bearer of news to set the soul afire, this night the honour of a new NME tour. As autumn turns to dust and snow and the winter is in full throw in February and March of 2015 headlining the NME Awards Tour are Fat White Family, The Amazing Snakeheads and Slaves. Whilst the winter blues may assault and burn you and naysaying keeps you in your door, come out into the night and wrench your disaffection and malaise out and into the night as a primal scream of bass sodden fury. Oh do not ask what is it, let us go and make our visit to the infamous music venue Rock City to bear witness,

palma violets
Palma Violets

The Fat White Family

The Amazing Snakeheads

Slaves are a two-piece. Garage band who make a huge noise, Isaac Holman and Laurie Vincent: one shouts and bangs the drums while standing up, the other coaxes great, fat metal riffs from his guitar. if you shut your eyes this is what the Black Keys might have sounded like had they been raised on Shane Meadows films on a housing estate – wry, suburban disaffection, like Sleaford Mods but with less swearing; maybe a hint of Madness and a bit of vaudeville fun too (“Hello, how’s Amelia? Is she still ugly?” – How’s Amelia). New punk sensations tend to burn out quickly but we think Slaves’ wit will carry them through. They also have a song called Where’s Your Car Debbie?


Palma Violets are an English band from London, formed in 2011, based on the musical partnership between frontmen Sam Fryer and Chilli Jesson. The lineup is composed of Sam Fryer (vocals, guitar), Chilli Jesson (vocals, bass), Pete Mayhew (keyboards) and Will Doyle (drums).

The band’s musical output is primarily based around the rock genre, with some Garage rock and psychedelic influences. Their first single ‘Best of Friends’ was voted NME’s song of the year for 2012. This is Palma Violets second single ‘Step Up For The Cool Cats’ .