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They Sound Like A languorous summer day spent sun-dappled in bed with a first love, and the knowledge that the moment will end, as all good things do. with a hint  of Jeff Buckley, Foals, Buffalo Springfield, Its a band  You Should Pay Attention to Since these four British lads’ debut single, 2014’s “Veins,” racked up nearly 50,000 plays on Soundcloud in just two weeks, the U.K. music press has been all over them like they were the world’s last jar of marmite. Rowdy rocker Jamie T handpicked Palace to open for him at his first live shows in four years, which raised the band’s profile in its homeland to yet another level. Amazingly, even the Internet commentariat have had mostly positive comments for the group’s new EP, “Lost in the Night”. “Someone on Soundcloud said it’s like Morrissey and Buckley had a baby, which I guess is kind of cool,” says drummer Matt Hodges. “Another guy said we’re like Foals on Xanax, which was quite interesting. We’ve had a few comments about our music being good baby-making music too, so that’s nice.

They Say: Palace write and rehearse in a unique North London space that Hodges describes as “a musical commune/squat.” “It’s had a big influence on us as a band, as there are so many different people working on many different genres of music,” he says. “It’s also a bit of an instrument graveyard — sitars, organs, endless guitars and percussion stuff lying around, which makes for a lot of fun in our downtime when we’re recording. It’s a pretty craggy place with a lot of crap everywhere. It’s gets down to arctic temperatures in the winter, and in the summer we have to pretty much play in our boxers it’s so hot, but it’s been amazing for Palace.” Listen out for the Languid and shimmery, “Bitter” it finds the sweet-sad spot between indie emo and Sixties blues.

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One of my most adored new bands of 2014 these guys just need to be going places this year. They made my top 10 gigs of 2014 as well as one of my favourite tracks in the year too. It’s only right they’re listed here. Such high hopes for them. Palace are an alternative blues/rock band from London combining laid back guitars with brooding vocals.

PALACE – ” Blackheath ” Sofar Session

Posted: November 28, 2014 in MUSIC
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Palace playing “Blackheath” at Sofar London on March 6th, 2014



Handpicked by Jamie T to support him at his much hyped comeback show  this summer,The band Palace. But then, they deserve it. The rising indie newcomers have a remarkably assured sound, almost cinematic in its sweeping, melancholic grandeur. The
ir debut EP ‘Lost In The Night‘ emerged last week via Beatnik Creative. The Lead track ‘Bitter’ made a massive stir, with the accompanying visuals from Liam Saint-Pierre perfectly matching the tightly wrought emotions of the music itself. A confident, highly potent introduction, the material on ‘Lost In The Night’ has been finely honed, with Palace self-producing at their North London studio.





Palace the London based band are about to release their debut EP due out this week the band are steadily gaining good reviews by word of mouth, Bluesy indie Rock with brooding reverb ridden guitars and amazingly good vocals, darkly beautiful with theatrical melodies, Another band that should be a festival favourite next summer,