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A lone glam-rock astronaut floating deep into the outer reaches of his own mind, For Fans of: T. Rex, Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, Tame Impala

The latest act from Australia to make waves in the Northern Hemisphere is this trio from Perth — a noteworthy success story at this year’s CMJ festival despite having zero U.S. label backing. They’re already getting even bigger cosigns Down Under, where Melbourne’s own Courtney Barnett is taking them out as an opening act in January of 2016. Frontman Jake Webb spent a solitary summer recording their debut album, Oh Inhuman Spectacle, almost entirely on his own in a house a couple of hours south of Perth in a remote coastal town. “I find it difficult to work on things when there’s anyone in earshot,” he says. “If I’m as isolated as possible, I can go completely crazy and work on things until they evolve.”

Webb met Thom Stewart and Chris Wright, who round out Methyl Ethel’s live lineup, through Perth’s thriving rock scene. “It’s a real tight-knit community,” says Stewart. Their friendship with local stars Tame Impala came in handy earlier this year, when Methyl Ethel played a show at the club where Wright usually works as a sound mixer. “I didn’t think to book anyone [to cover for me] that night, so we were stuck for a sound guy,” Wright says. “We paid [Tame Impala leader Kevin Parker] 50 bucks to come and mix us. It was his first time mixing — he was a little nervous, I think!” “He did a good job, though,” Webb adds with a laugh.

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