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The latest name on the never-ending conveyor belt from the Brooklyn music scene, Rachel Angel recently released her latest EP, “Not Enough”, on Human Noise Records; a record described as, “the story of what it’s like to be young and tough in 2018.”This week Rachel has shared the new video to the title track, Not Enough, a solo exhibition through New York, spent contemplating complicated relationships and eating bagels (of course).

Not Enough is a stirring example of Rachel’s songwriting, fusing the influences of classic Americana with the laid back nature of slacker-rock and the lo-fi spirit of punk. Lyrically, it’s classic country heartache, from the crushing opening line, “sprawled out on the floor, it’s just another day”through to the resolution, or lack thereof, that comes later as Rachel sings, “you’re a nice guy, sometimes, but that’s not enough”. Her music might be raw and unpolished, yet with Rachel Angel’s lyrical flair, and classic songwriting, we can’t help but feel this is the start of something very exciting.

Not Enough EP is out now via Human Noise Records.