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Chicago trio FACS have announced their fourth album, which is titled “Present Tense” and will be out May 21st via Trouble in Mind. The title would also make a great descriptor for the band’s style of bleak, tightly wound post-punk, but this album marks a progression into slightly more approachable music.

The album was made at Chicago’s Electrical Audio before and during the pandemic, the seeds of which were planted with “Alone Without,” FACS’ 2020 Adult Swim single. “Alone Without was the first song we recorded and we really built it in the studio” says singer-guitarist Brian Case. “Alianna [Kalaba] and I played different instruments, and I think that freedom informed how the other songs developed. All the lyrics were random phrases on a big sheet and were put together as the songs took shape, so I feel like I was collecting these thoughts and trying to figure out how to process them as a big picture vs making complete ideas in individual songs.”

“Strawberry Cough” is about the world of interiors, and the line between where influences come together or split off. Going into record stores and having conversations with strangers, learning about new sounds, and finding something I’ve been looking for has been sorely missed over the last year. Seeing records spread out all over the house while working on Present Tense made me wonder how these different eras and sounds found their way into our music. I spent a lot of time trying to find the visual / emotional connections between seemingly unrelated works, and walking that back into my subconscious when writing. Sometimes the video is a visualization of the words or music, and sometimes it’s just some random themes you notice while refiling your record collection.”

The new single is “Strawberry Cough” which is the friendliest face FACS have put forward yet. It’s still pretty dark, though, with Noah Leger’s massive drums leading the charge. Taken from the Chicago band’s fourth full-length album “Present Tense”, out May 21st, 2021 via Trouble In Mind Records (

FACS features Noah Leger and Brian Case of Disappears, and Alianna Kalaba. Using minimalism and space, FACS make abstract and modern art rock.

From out the ashes of Chicago’s beloved Disappears comes FACS, a new band that features three of the experimental luminaries four members. Their sound remains hypnotic, dark, and sleek, a sinister futurism that comes in electronic minimalism. The songs are bleak but iridescent, blinding when pointed in the wrong directions and melting with a radiant sort of corrosive post-punk expanse. There’s little of FACS that really feels human on Negative Houses, a record that draws an alien experience from us all, with cold, calculated mesmerization and a triumphantly focused numbness in its clinical precision. It’s a great debut that doesn’t feel at all like a debut, this is merely the next chapter.


This is one of those albums that have a very unique own sound and it’s getting better and better with every new listening. It‘s the stuff I am finding interesting and could be amomg my favourite releases in 2018!