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VERSING – ” Radio Kinski “

Posted: September 22, 2017 in MUSIC
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One of Seattle’s hardest working live bands, Versing synthesize their musical influences —”a sprinkle of Pavement here, a pinch of Sonic Youth there,” says AdHoc—into something fresh. Their debut full-length, Nirvana, is out next week. Versing craft a more spacious, shoegaze-informed guitar sound, coming across like an amalgam of Flying Nun Records-y melodic post-punk, loud-soft Swirlies-inspired gaze-pop, and Pavement-esque collegiate nonchalance.”

Seattle band Versing makes woozy and crackling power pop, ever so slightly askew. The group’s members—Daniel Salas, Graham Baker, Kirby Lochner, and Max Keyes met and collaborated at the University of Puget Sound’s KUPS radio station, and you can hear the world of college radio in Versing’s sundry songs. Together, the band synthesizes the breadth of their musical influences—a sprinkle of Pavement here, a pinch of Sonic Youth thereinto something fresh and exciting.


Their new single, “Call Me Out,” off the upcoming album Nirvana, exemplifies the band’s laid-back playfulness, along with the thoughtfulness and complexity of Salas’s songwriting. The track starts off with a rush of guitars and rolling drums, before settling into an octave-bouncing  riff. It distorts as it hurtles toward its end, like a Weezer (or, more aptly Nirvana) song that, instead of trading off between soft and loud, just keeps getting louder. Lyrically, the song is a stitched-together patchwork of philosophical musings, with Salas singing, “Distal thoughts at last awoken,” like the too-cool guy at the back of the night-time college class, holding a guitar.

Band Members
Daniel Salas
Graham Baker
Kirby Lochner
Max Keyes

Kurt Cobain, lead singer for the US grunge rockers Nirvana, performing at the Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo during their 1992 Asian-Pacific tour

Kurt Cobain would have turned 50 today. The Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, who defined grunge and the rise of alternative rock, would have turned 50 on this Monday. He remains an enduring cultural presence

The 27-year-old shot himself at his home in Seattle on April 5th, 1994, ending his life, his suffering and, at least symbolically, the grunge movement. Rock has kept evolving since his suicide yet “Nevermind,” Nirvana’s brutal 1991 masterpiece, is still widely considered as one of the most influential albums in history.

“He remains one of the most important musicians of the last two decades in music, with an album that is still one of the last great rock records,” said Charles R. Cross, who has written three books on the artist including “Here We Are Now: The Lasting Impact of Kurt Cobain.”

To Cross, Cobain’s key contribution is opening the way for songwriters to tackle a wider emotional range. Nirvana’s songs included “Lithium,” a frank exploration of Cobain’s manic depression, and the searing “Rape Me.” “His impact on songwriting was that he made it okay for songs to be about painful emotions, such as angst, and depression.

There has been a lot – okay, way too much – written about every element of Cobain’s life, but still his songwriting tends to be underrated, obscured by myth and flannelette. To celebrate his life, here are five of his very best songs,  of which never made it onto an official studio album – or even onto their B-sides and rarities collection, Incesticide.

It’s an impressive, varied collection, and proof of the quality of his songwriting .

CLEAN UP BEFORE SHE COMES A moody song with layered round-style vocals about attempting to make a shithole slightly more bearable in an attempt to impress a visiting girl. A tale as old as time!

I HATE MYSELF AND I WANT TO DIE, This was originally the title of In Utero until a record company suit vetoed it, perhaps realising there’s a limit to how widely an album with that name will be stocked. This surprisingly sunny pop song ended up as a hidden track on the Beavis and Butthead Experience soundtrack, and was slated to appear as the ‘Pennyroyal Tea’ B-side, before this was shelved following Cobain’s suicide.

MOIST VAGINA, Another song with a less-than-ideal title for the suits at Geffen. This was the B-side for ‘All Apologies’ and features a chorus where Kurt wails the word ‘marijuana’ over and over.

SAPPY,  It’s hard to see why this classic, hooky pop song was left off Nevermind, unless it was simply too catchy to fit comfortably on an album already teeming with pop hits. One of Cobain’s very best songs.

CURMUDGEON, A screaming, squawking song that is the polar opposite to its A-side ‘Lithium’. One of Cobain’s more raw vocals, and a pointer to In Utero.

MARIGOLD , The only Dave Grohl-penned track to feature in the Nirvana catalogue, and also the only song in which he sang lead vocals. This could be seen as the moment where Foo Fighters started (although he recorded the Pocketwatch demo tape the previous year). When Grohl re-recorded the track in 2006 for the “Skin and Bones” album, it became the only song to feature in both band’s catalogues.

thanks to Tone Deaf


Sundara Karma – Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect

Sundara Karma finally release their debut album. Indie-Springsteens with arena ambitions give four-square guitar rock a refreshing, euphoric makeover. Sundara Karma aspire to the driving, rousing anthemia of Bruce Springsteen and Arcade Fire, with big ideas about death and sacrifice and music up to the task of reflecting same.

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Nirvana  –  Hollywood Rock Festival, Rio ‘93

Double 180 Gram Green Vinyl set in Gatefold Sleeve. Nirvana, live at Hollywood Rock Festival, Praça Da Apoteose, Rio De Janerio on January 23rd 1993. Prior to the release of their raw and uncompromising In Utero album in September 1993, Nirvana performed in various parts of the world, kickstarting with two shows as part of the Hollywood Rock Festival in Brazil. This set was recorded in Praça Da Apoteose, Rio De Janeiro on January 23rd, and originally broadcast on MTV Brazil. It finds the band playing tracks spanning their entire career, with a guest appearance from Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers, and is presented here together with background notes and images.


David Bowie – Legacy – The Very Best of David Bowie

Music, art and fashion would not be in the place it is today without the seminal influence of David Bowie. A titan of popular music and pioneer of changing culture, it is not surprising that his death in January was met with such shock and sadness across the globe. Throughout his life, David Bowie has amassed such an influential and varied musical back catalogue, that he leaves behind him a body of work that can be unrivalled – a true legacy. In this must-have Bowie collection, you can experience Bowie’s genius from start to finish. From his early days as the iconic Ziggy Stardust, to his final days before his sudden passing, Legacy brings you the best material from Bowie’s star-studded career. Not only is Legacy the ultimate Bowie collection to own, but it also features a previously unreleased mix of his renowned song Life On Mars ?. With a more orchestrated and cleaner mix, this unreleased version was mixed by Ken Scott the original producer of the track

CD – 20 Tracks, 2CD – 40 Tracks – deluxe digipack with additional photos. 2LP – This special 180 Gram Double vinyl edition of the album comes as a Gatefold with 2 limited edition 12” art prints of the 2 images used on the sleeve.

Nirvana Incesticide

Back on Record Store Day 2012, Nirvana put out a 20th anniversary double-vinyl reissue of their essential 1992 rarities compilation Incesticide. It was just a limited release, but now, for its 25th anniversary, it’ll get a proper release on January 13TH 2017. It was remastered from the original analog master tapes and recording sources by Bernie Grundman.
It’s a little less exciting than the 20th anniversary reissues of Nevermind and In Utero, which came with tons of awesome bonus content, but still cool news for Nirvana completists.

Incesticide was a Geffen cash-grab, a collection of cobbled-together recordings released in 1992 at the height of Nirvana’s popularity.

While the motivation behind the collection may not have been too pure, it remains a brilliant and fascinating record, and a vital element in understanding just how great the band were.

The album contains quirky covers of the likes of Devo and The Vaselines which hint at Cobain’s new wave and pop influences, outsider art such as ‘Beeswax’ and ‘Mexican Seafood’, and some of their finest material ever recorded (‘Dive’, ‘Aneurysm’ and the irrepressible ‘Sliver’). And now you can buy it on double-vinyl, to celebrate the record’s 25th anniversary.


From the EP by Noah Gundersen, titled “Twenty-Something”. the 5 song EP we have been selling exclusively on tour from Singer-songwriter Noah Gundersen who released his excellent latest album ” Ledges” earlier this year, and while the momentum seems to continue pushing the Seattle native to city after city on a seemingly non-stop touring schedule, he has a couple more tracks up his sleeve. Gundersen has released “Twenty-Something”, a five-song EP of four originals and one cover, as a gift to his fans. The release will be for sale exclusively at his shows. Listen to the EP’s only cover, Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” in the player above, it is now available online as part of a deluxe edition of Ledges.


Whatever Nevermind is a tribute album to Nirvana‘s 1991 second studio album, Nevermind, by various artists. The album will be released by Robotic Empire for Record Store Day on April 18th, 2015 in vinyl and digital formats. Robotic Empire previously released In Utero, in Tribute, in Entirety — a tribute to Nirvana’s third and final studio album In Utero — for Record Store Day 2014. “Whatever Nevermind” also coincides with the label’s 16th anniversary, and celebrates this fact by cataloging the album as the label’s 116th release. Robotic Empire streamed Circa Survive‘s cover of Drain You along with the album’s announcement on March 25, 2015. Circa Survive guitarist Brendan Ekstrom commented on their cover, stating: “There are different ways to approach covering a band. For us, doing a Nirvana song takes us back to a very raw place that we were in when we were young and just falling in love with music. We didn’t want to say ‘here’s what this song would’ve sounded like if Circa wrote it.’ It was way more fun for us to live in their energy and pay homage to their influence by just rocking the shit out of it and keeping it raw.

Oh Well.. Whatever...: A Tribute To Nirvana's Nevermind



Circa Survive’s cover of ‘Drain You’, off Robotic Empire’s second Nirvana tribute release. “Whatever Nevermind” sees a diverse range of bands covering the seminal “Nevermind” album in full.


Philadelphian band Nothing have shared a cover of Nirvana’s muted and melancholic “Something In The Way,” the last track on the band’s seminal 1991 album Nevermind (second-last if you count the secret song “Endless, Nameless”). The cover will be included on Robotic Empire’s second Nirvana tribute album, “Whatever Nevermind”, which is due out on Record Store Day and features contributions from La Dispute, Touche Amore, and Torche among others. Last year, the label put out In Utero: A Tribute. “Something In The Way” is already one of the gloomier tracks on Nevermind, and Nothing aren’t trying to redress it in any particular way. Their cover features a lone piano delicately treading over ambient room-tone sounds — there might even be a violin thrown in there too, in case you weren’t already weeping.


Father John Misty — whose new album is an astonishing piece of work titled “I Love You, Honeybear” is an Album I definately would recommend you buy This Week — performed a cover of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” during a session for Sirius XMU. Josh Tillman shared the cover on social media earlier today. It’s a stripped down, folksy take on the Nirvana classic.


Horse Feathers another great band from Portland, Oregon, led by Justin Ringle they have a tremendous new album out ” So It is With Us ” available on Kill Rock Stars, this is a superb cover of the Nirvana song, The folk Rock Alt Country bands fifth album with subtle acoustic arrangements with enough beauty and sadness in each song to last a lifetime. Due out October 21st, there is a 4 cassette box set where this track is taken from .in celebration of their 10th year as a band