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Suede’s new album ‘Night Thoughts’ is out next week – January 22nd. Around the time of the album release they’re playing a load of instore dates, including one on HMV Oxford Street in London. Ahead of the release they’ve shared the video for the next single ‘No Tomorrow’ it’s a polar shift from their last video, ‘Like Kids’. That one saw the inside of a surreal house party, where a naked guy lay strewn over a sofa, occasionally humping it, while the other people got off with and argued with one another.

In this lower framerate and much darker video, ‘No Tomorrow’, we see the inside of an sweetly old-fashioned shop (shout out to the tinned new potatoes and spaghetti hoops) before the video’s narrative takes a much darker turn.

‘Pale Snow’ is now available as an instant download if you pre-order ‘Night Thoughts’ from iTunes.

Britpop originators Suede are releasing their new album, “Night Thoughts” on January 22. Previously the band shared the tracks “Outsiders”  and also the video for “Like Kids”. Now the band has shared a video for “Pale Snow.” The sad clip features a couple watching an old video of themselves and what appears to be their child (it can be inferred that maybe the child has passed away).

Suede made a fantastic comeback in 2013 with the release of the excellent album “Bloodsports” which was their first new album in over a decade and was very well-received by critics.

Night Thoughts will also have an accompanying feature film directed by Roger Sargent, The album was produced by Ed Buller, who has previously produced all of their albums except Head Music and A New Morning. It was recorded in London and Brussels and features a full string section.