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The Wakefield indie favourites return with their first album in over three years.

The Cribs are back and on blistering form, brandishing their brand new eighth album, “Night Network”. The self-produced 12-track album was recorded at the Foo Fighters Studio 606 in Los Angeles in the spring / summer of 2019.Night Network is as fresh, cathartic and vital as anything they’ve ever put out. There’s no weariness, no bitterness, just a clear desire to get back to doing what they do best – that unique blend of bittersweet melody, brutal lyrical honesty and riffs for days.

It’s wall-to-wall Cribs bangers, the fruit of that special, symbiotic relationship between the song writing, singing brothers, drawing on the boiled-down influences they felt had always been there: The Motown stomp of Never Thought I’d Feel Again and Under The Bus Station Clock, red and blue album-era Beatles (Running Into You and In The Neon Night, respectively), melodic 70’s style pop on Deep Infatuation, and even early work by their own band.

The Cribs feat. Lee Ranaldo “Be Safe” lockdown live session June 8th 2020

The Cribs are romantics and they’re realists, and the balance, for a hot minute, nearly tipped in the favour of the latter. But now they return empowered, beholden to no one, on the greatest form and still screaming in suburbia. Following a slew of legal battles, The Cribs nearly called it quits in the time between their last album in 2017. They found an unlikely friend in Dave Grohl who encouraged them to continue as a band and invited them to record the album at his LA studio. Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo makes it two appearances on a Cribs album with a slew of distorted riffs on the track ‘I Don’t Know Who I Am’.

The Cribs have been out of the game for some time  – no fault of their own as they were bogged down in legal battles. What it does mean is that they’ve had time to refresh and to write a whole batch of new songs. They’ve recorded them at Foo Fighters studio and with Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth guesting on a few tracks. A welcome return for this much loved band.