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When an artist receives any kind of tribute treatment, it’s generally a sign of some well-deserved recognition. It means that the music has become so iconic, reverence is readily assured. Likewise, when a salute of that sort spans two discs, it’s also evident that there’s plenty of source material that can be considered.  Not surprisingly then, the iconic rocker Willie Nile gave the musicians that contribute to his particular tribute, Willie Nile Uncovered, plenty of songs to choose from. Nile, whose career was originally spawned during the Greenwich village folk scene of the mid to late ‘70s, eventually turned his gaze towards the insurgent sounds that drew Springsteen, Patti Smith, Elliott Murphy, and various arch denizens of his city’s post-punk scene.

That said, the music represented here is strikingly diverse, whether it’s Emily Duff’s take on the celebratory sing-along “Hell Yeah,” the appropriate Band-like sound given Quarter Horse’ read of “When Levon Sings,” the tender tones of James Maddocks’ version of “She’s Got My Heart,” or, naturally enough, the rousing revelry found in Nils Lofgren’s performance of “All God’s Children

A varied list of rock, folk and Americana luminaries take part — which, aside from those mentioned above, include Graham Parker, John Gorka, Caroline Doctorow, Slaid Cleaves, Richard Shindell, Richard Barone and Lucy Kaplinsky — and they not only offer appropriate homage, but also ensure that the appreciation Nile so decidedly deserves is served up quite sufficiently.

“The subtitle to this 2 CD set of songs of native New Yorker Willie Nile is ‘Celebrating 40 Years of Music.’  26 sterling interpretations of his oeuvre have resulted in one of the most playable and entertaining tribute album in years.  Incorporating Americana, roots rock, folk rock, country rock and the kind of singer-songwriter smarts that a fella named Bruce pioneered just over the Hudson River on the Jersey side, there are no clinkers. Not one… So many highlights!” – Mike Greenblatt- Goldmine Magazine, November 2020.

“…it’s consistently excellent…it’s a dependably absorbing listen”. Hal Horowitz – American Songwriter – 8/20/20

“The range of Willie’s music has been captured brilliantly on Willie Nile Uncovered… It’s been lovingly packaged with complete credits and extensive liner notes… The album reveals the richness of Willie’s catalogue… Thanks to Willie for his unwavering rock & roll heart and thanks to Paradiddle for giving Willie his due.” – John Platt – New Folk Initiative – 8/28/20

“An effort with something for everyone, Americana, rock, folk, country and roots rock are all explored here and interpreted in thoughtful, exciting ways that certainly puts Nile’s work at the highest regard.” – Take Effect – 8/30/20

“A delightful compilation by many. Willie Nile has great friends. John Apice – Americana Highways – 8-20-20

 “…all of the contributing artists bring something fresh to the material while remaining true to its spirit. The album will likely make you want to explore Nile’s recordings and also investigate some of the folks who cover them here.” – Jeff Burger – Americana Highways August 2nd, 2020 & TMR August 5th, 2020      

“It’s an extraordinary tribute that gives justice to the brilliant Willie Nile catalogue.” —6/30/2020 – Norm Prusslin, co-founder of the Long Island Music Hall of Fame – New Jersey Stage