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NEON WALTZ – ” Huna ” EP

Posted: September 7, 2020 in MUSIC
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Scottish quartet Neon Waltz shared their second EP since their 2017 debut album Strange Hymns. In March, they released a four-track EP called “Huna”, which follows their 2018 EP Bring Me to Light. For years, Neon Waltz have released majestic, organ-led indie-folk from a small, picturesque coastal town called John O’Groats—the literal northernmost tip of the U.K. Their new Huna EP features three recent singles: “Strung Up,” “Thanks for Everything” and a live version of “All in Good Time,” plus a piano rendition of the latter track. Cuts like “All in Good Time” and “Thanks for Everything” feature those twinkling keys, reassuring vocals and moments of evocative, built-up elation we’ve come to expect from the band. But the highlight here is undoubtedly “Strung Up,” a longtime live favourite with such a spirited melancholia that those beautiful, treacherous Scottish cliffs and accompanying humbling winds become palpable.

The inevitable has happened and our UK tour dates are moving to April 2021. We are gutted to have to delay going back out on the road yet again, playing live and seeing fans truly is the best part of being in this band. Obviously safety is key though and it’ll be all the sweeter when we are finally reunited. Please note – the Kilmarnock date is also being rescheduled, there will be news on this date very soon. Head to the website for more info. Take care of yourselves and each other – NW x

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Hailing from northern Scottish town of John o’ Groats, Neon Waltz deftly infuses their music with the atmospheric beauty of the Scottish coastline. This six-piece’s distinct sound comprises grand, echoing percussion; majestic, glistening keyboards; warm, harmonious lead vocals, and melodic guitars with entrancing tones that feel both familiar and original. Though the band hasn’t made the trip to America yet, they released their shimmering debut album, Strange Hymns, via Ignition Records last year, and they’re currently working on a new EP.

Neon Waltz – ‘Perfect Frame’ (Official Video) Listen to ‘Perfect Frame’: Debut album ‘Strange Hymns’ out now

Band Members
Jordan Shearer, Jamie Swanson,
Kevin Swanson, Calvin Wilson,
Liam Whittles, Darren Coghill.

This six-piece hail from the very tip of mainland Scotland, somewhere as sparsely populated as Caithness. Neon Waltz have strong links to Glasgow, and spend six hours on the road just to meet their tour manager in the city before embarking on one of their regular UK-wide jaunts. Recently signed to heavyweight label Atlantic Records, and co-managed by the man who made Oasis famous, this group have some serious backing, an incredible achievement given they formed a little over a year ago. The reason? Just listen to the stunning collection of demos and live takes contained in their recent debut EP, “First Light”.

Neon Waltz: From Wick and Thurso – pretty much the most northerly towns in Scotland  come Neon Waltz. The sixpiece recall the early excitement of The Coral, back when they used to wig-out in a haze of organ-assisted feedback, with a bit of The National thrown in for good measure.
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