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We took one of our fave songs and an indie classic, Beirut’s ‘Nantes’, and tried to make the song our own for Covers Inc. Huge thanks to Mahogany for having us – we loved recording this.

Band Members
Sebastian Fox ‘Bassi’,
Stevie Red McMinn,
Al Mitchell,

COVERS brings together Classic Songs and amazing New Artists against a bold silhouetted backdrop. Available on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

MT WOLF – ” Aetherlight “

Posted: December 14, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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While Mt. Wolf’s sound is built upon a bedrock of flittering electronics and chiming acoustic guitars, Stevie McMinn’s playing is full of light and shade. Have a proper listen to debut Aetherlight and you’ll note the guitarist’s nifty clean tapping licks, big distorted blasts and waves of tremolo picking. It’s post-folk-rock, if you will.

Mt. Wolf have taken the circuitous path to indie success. They exploded out of the gate in 2012 with their debut EP, Life Size Ghost. But instead of capitalizing on the hype by immediately releasing a full-length album, they opted to take the slow, gradual path. A succession of singles and remixes and three other EPs would follow within a four-year period, giving their growing fan base enough to chew on but not satiating their ravenous appetites. At long last, the time has arrived, and Mt. Wolf has presented the gift for which thousands of people have been waiting.

Aetherlight is more than anything that could have been envisioned by the London-based trio. Their EPs – in addition to Life Size Ghost include Hex, Red, and Hypolight – were hypnotic affairs. Aetherlight, though, transcends them all. Its blend of cinematic indie, electronic, and post-rock is unlike anything heard since Sigur Rós‘ Kveikur.