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Mimicking Birds have a sound that covers all sorts of genres, ranging from anywhere between stripped down serenades to subtle synth soundscapes. Through these elements, the Portland folk-pop quintet creates something that works for both the coffee shop next door and a movie soundtrack.

In 2014, Mimicking Birds released debut album Eons and proved to the music world that it was an interesting and formidable contender to wrestle with. Through simple strums of a guitar, eloquently woven with singer Nate Lacy’s velvety rasp, the band showed a phenomenal ability to form a beautifully crafted story, both lyrically and sonically. Lacy’s vocals also created an angelic, yet haunting atmosphere comparable to the likes of Bon Iver and James Vincent McMorrow.


Band Members
Nate Lacy, Aaron Hanson, Adam Trachsel

Released November 22nd, 2018


Mimicking Birds - Layers Of Us

Mimicking Birds is a three-piece rock band fronted by singer/songwriter Nate Lacy. Layers of Us is the band’s third full-length album with producer Jeremy Sherrer (Modest Mouse, Dandy Warhols, The Shins) and easily their most ambitious to date. If their self-titled 2010 debut established Mimicking Birds as a talented band unafraid of raw honesty, and 2014’s Eons demonstrated added depth and experimentation, then Layers of Us represents the maturity that comes with touring extensively while continuing to expand their sound. Dream-like, immersive, and awash in texture, Layers of Us explores daunting topics like life, death, and eternity with a gentle touch. Lacy tenderly serenades us though this epic 10-song expedition that presents the full prismatic array of musical color.

Listen to Sunlight Daze off Mimicking Birds forthcoming albums Layers of Us.


Nate Lacy of the band Mimicking Birds  writes songs that are creepy without being, well, creepy. His band’s first album in four years is a subtly slithering sleeper, propelled by masterful songs like “Bloodlines.” That song contains what sounds like Eons’ mantra: “I am a creature / of mixed-up energies.” It’s an album of mixed-up energies, too, but “Eons” is also tightly coiled and wonderfully disciplined in its pacing. As a result, it’s not just mysterious; it’s legitimately suspenseful.



A new album is out now titled EONS featuring the tracks Bloodlines and Owl Hoots, the band are from Portland Oregon music available on Glacial Pace Records, this is their second release.