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The Alarm formed in the ’80s and released their first album on IRS Records. The album, Declaration was issued in 1984 and brought the band to worldwide notice with the release of their single hit, “Sixty Eight Guns”. It was followed by the release of their second album, Strength (1985), which produced its own Top 40 single. With only five albums in their catalogue, the band was important to many fans.

The Alarm – History Repeating – CD / LP / BOX SET / COLLECTION due for June 4th Release. The brand new 40th Anniversary Double CD / Double LP / Box Set collection. The Double CD Edition features 44 of The Alarms biggest singles and greatest songs, while the Double LP features 27 classic tracks across four sides of vinyl. The History Repeating Box Set has 47 tracks with 46 of them totally unique to the 4 x LP collection. The Box Set tells a more alternative story of The Alarm history with at least one essential recording from every year of the group’s timeline, including many important live recordings from the most iconic milestones of the band’s lifetime along with many rare recordings and fan favourites to complete this most comprehensive document of the Alarm story.

Every single one of the 90 tracks that make up the collection, have been mastered by Pete Maher and the compilation produced by Mike Peters with artwork lovingly created by Mike and illustrator Dan Shearn. Spanning all eras of The Alarm Timeline, History Repeating 1981 – 2021 brings together all of the bands ‘Crown Jewels’, including a brand new and previously unreleased recording of the title track, and features all of the keynote tracks that have helped create The Alarm’s phenomenal and loyally dedicated following.

History Repeating is available to pre-order now including a special offer Complete Collection Edition.The Double CD comes in a replica LP gatefold sleeve configuration, and is the most comprehensive ‘Best Of’ ever released by the group since 1998’s Best of The Alarm and Mike Peters. The Double LP Edition comes in a gatefold configuration and is the first ‘Best O’f compilation to appear on vinyl since 1990s Standards.

History Repeating is the record every single Alarm fan will want to own with its distinctive Red Poppy cover and beautiful depiction of The Alarm family across the inner gatefold.150 copies of the History Repeating 4 x LP Vinyl Box Set have been created exclusively for and this final print run is also available to pre-order now. The Box Set itself is beautifully crafted with each LP housed in a their own sleeve with a 48 page booklet that includes a personal history of the band written by Mike Peters, along with exclusive photos shot at important historic sites unique to The Alarm’s history.

A History Repeating Complete Collection which brings together all the formats is also available exclusively in the store. The History Repeating Complete Collection includes the 4 x LP set plus a Double LP Edition along with the Double CD Edition and also copies of the 10 track Time 1981 – 2021 Collectors CD and 7″ Vinyl EP that feature unique acoustic versions and spoken recollections by Mike Peters.

Tracklistings are as follows:


CD ONE 2021-2000 History Repeating [Brand New 2021 Recording]Two Rivers [Previously Unreleased Version]Equals [Lead Single Version]Brighter Than The Sun [Lead Single Version]Heroine [Lead Single Version]Beautiful [Lead Single Version]Blood Red Viral Black [Lead Single Version]There Must Be A Way [Single Version]In The Poppy Fields [Lead Single Version]A Breed Apart [Lead Single Version]Free Rock And Roll [Previously Unreleased Mike Peters Vocal Version]Everafter [Lead Single Version]Direct Action [Lead Single Version]All Seeing [Lead Single Version]Alarm Calling [Lead Single Version]Three Sevens Clash [Lead Single Version]Raindown [Single Version]Superchannel [Single Version]New Home New Life [Single Version]45 RPM [Single Version]The Drunk And The Disorderly [Lead Single Version]Close [Single Version]

CD TWO: Flesh And Blood [Previously Unreleased Radio Edit Version]Rise [Lead Single Version]Feel Free [Lead Single Version]Breathe [Lead Single Version]Raw [Single Version]Love Dont Come Easy [Single Version]A New South Wales [Single Version]Sold Me Down The River [Single Version]Presence Of Love [Single Version]Rescue Me [Single Version]Rain In The Summertime [Single Version]Knife Edge [Single Version]Spirit Of 76 [Previously Unreleased Radio Edit Version]Strength [Single Version]Absolute Reality [Single Version]The Chant Has Just Begun [Single Version]The Deceiver [Single Version]Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke? [Single Version]Sixty Eight Guns [Single Version]The Stand [Single Version]Marching On [Single Version]Unsafe Building [Single Version]Click here to order to order the double


Side One (1981-1986)Marching On [Single Version]The Stand [Single Version]Sixty Eight Guns [Single Version]Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke? [Single Version]Absolute Reality [Single Version]Strength [Single Version]Spirit Of ’76 [Previously Unreleased Radio Edit Version]

Side Two (1987-1991)Rain In The Summertime [Single Version]Rescue Me [Single Version]Presence Of Love [Single Version]Sold Me Down The River [Single Version]A New South Wales [Single Version]Love Don’t Come Easy [Single Version]Raw [Single Version]

Side Three (2000-2009)Close [Single Version]45 RPM [Single Version]Superchannel [Single Version]New Home New Life [Single Version]Raindown [Single Version]Three Sevens Clash [Album Version]All Seeing [Video Version]

Side Four (2010-2021)Direct Action [ Lead Single Version]A Breed Apart [Lead Single Version]In The Poppy Fields [Lead Single Version]Brighter Than The Sun [Single Version]Two Rivers [Previously Unreleased Version]

History Repeating [Brand New 2021 Recording]Click here to order the double LP version HISTORY REPEATING 1981 – 2021 COMPLETE COLLECTION [Special Offer]The Complete Collection which is exclusive to features both the CD and Double LP Edition of History Repeating plus the 4 x LP Box Set Edition which features 47 tracks in total.46 of the 47 tracks are unique to the box set edition.

The Box Set tells a more alternative story of Alarm history with at least one essential recording from every year of the group’s timeline plus many important live recordings from the most iconic milestones of the band’s life along with many rare b-sides and fan favourites to complete this most comprehensive document of Alarm History. The Box Set also comes with a 48 page book featuring exclusive photos and extensive sleeve notes written personally by Mike Peters. This exclusive collection also comes with both CD and 7″ EP copies of Time (an album of acoustic recordings and spoken recollection by Mike Peters), that was made available to fans at the pre-order stage of this momentous release.

HISTORY REPEATING 4 X LP BOX SET EDITION The 4 x LP Box Set Edition is exclusive to featuring 47 tracks in total.

On June 4th, The Alarm will celebrate their years with a 40th Anniversary anthology of music entitled History Repeating 1981-2021. The album’s song list is being kept under wraps (until May 22) to allow for a special event with Mike Peters, whereby he will present attending fans with first copies of History Repeating 1981-2021. The collection will be issued on 2CD, DD, and vinyl 4LP sets.

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On this day in Alarm History… the original worldwide release of “Strength” 30 years ago today on October 1st 1985.

The band’s classic album Strength has been expanded, remastered and revised for future generations to enjoy. All tracks have been remastered from the original master tapes by Mike Peters and Pete Maher with extensive sleeve notes and quotes from original band members, plus a host of previously unseen photographs.

2CD – The best Alarm album is now reissued on Double CD / Digipak with the original 1985 US album pressing (which includes the band’s preferred version of Absolute Reality that was left off the UK Version of the album).

CD 1 features the US album along with the original 1985 7” version of Strength (with the guitar / vocal beginning), that has never been issued on CD before along with the 1986 7” single version of Spirit Of ‘76 which is also making its first ever appearance on CD. All four original Strength period B-sides are included also.

CD 2 features 22 previously unreleased album session recordings including outtake versions (with different lyrics and guitar parts), for every song on Strength including an outtake of the unreleased electric version of One Step Closer To Home. An in studio jam session of spontaneous and impromptu covers of Led Zeppelin, TheWho, Free, T-Rex, Lou Reed and Deep Purple are featured between tracks along with a complete run through of the previously unreleased live in the studio version of Rod Stewart’s Maggie May which segues into re-workings of The Beat’s Stand Down Margaret and Bob Dylan’s Maggie’s Farm, providing a fascinating insight into The Alarm working together in the studio on the way to creating their magnum opus.

2LP – Side 1 and 2 features the UK album remastered from original 1985 mix and running order. Side 3 and 4- Features 9 demo tapes for the original album concept of Absolute Reality including 3 previously unreleased songsSons Of Divorce, Black Side Of Fortune and Memorial Day. All the demos were recorded with Strength album recording engineer Nigel Luby and feature raw versions of Knife Edge and We Are Majority both with different lyrics along with the original version of Deeside which was then known as Steeltown. The album also includes the Strength’ era soundcheck demo of the title song and two other unreleased studio demos of In The Cold Light Of Day(which was originally written for The Who’s Roger Daltrey), and Dave Sharp’s River Still To Cross.

I wish the original line up had stayed together (no disrespect intended to current/past members). The energy & passion created by The Alarm live throughout the 80’s all the way through to Brixton 91 are some of the greatest memories I have. I love watching these videos and reliving it all over again. Much love & best wishes to all members of the The Alarm (past & present) and especially to Mr Peters MBE for keeping the dream alive

The ALARM – ” Beautiful “

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Welsh based four-piece The Alarm was famous in the ’80s for catchy, anthemic, protest songs, along with some of the hugest hair of the decade. Thirty-odd years later, the hair is less huge and the band is understandably less biting. Lead vocalist and guitarist Mike Peters has added his wife, Jules, on keyboards and taken a firmly more optimistic outlook on life as a cancer survivor. So it’s not surprising that the first track released from Equals is the flighty “Beautiful,” an ode to living in the moment; that theme continues in the less danceable, more thoughtful “Two Rivers,” which more directly grapples with mortality.

‘Beautiful’ is the first single to be taken from The Alarm’s new album ‘Equals’ – their first album of new material in 8 years!

Record Store Day 2018, The Alarm  “Where The Two Rivers Meet”

Saturday April 21st is World Record Store Day and also the day for the release of brand new music from Mike Peters and The Alarm.

Mike Peters and The Alarm will be releasing a very special, limited edition 8 track – vinyl only – mini album entitled Where The Two Rivers Meet Extended Play which will only be available exclusively at participating Record Store Day outlets worldwide.

To celebrate the release, Mike Peters will undertake a 24 Hour Transatlantic Tour performing at Record Stores in the U.K., New York and Los Angeles – all within the same day.

Where The Two Rivers Meet Extended Play features an incredible collaboration with The Cult / Coloursøund guitarist – Billy Duffy on the brand new song Blood Red Viral Black. There are 8 songs in total including a brand new recording / mix of live favourite Two Rivers coupled with Transatlantic, The White Count and Year One which runs at 8.55 minutes in length, making it the longest song in Alarm history (Only three of the eight tracks will appear on the forthcoming album). The original artwork was conceived by Mike Peters and Daniel Shearn and features a spot varnish cover image with full colour inner sleeve.

Where The Two Rivers Meet Extended Play features an ‘electric’ and ‘acoustic’ side and is the prelude to a brand new album release scheduled for June 29th 2018.

The complete track listing of Where The Two Rivers Meet Extended Play is as follows:

Electric Side
Two Rivers
Blood Red Viral Black
The White Count

Acoustic Side
Thirteen Dead Reindeer [Acoustic]
Armageddon In The Morning [Acoustic]
Crowd Trouble [Acoustic]
Year One

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Welsh alt-rock group The Alarm will reissue and expand their earliest recordings from the first four years of their discography next month.

Eponymous 1981-1983 and Declaration 1984-1985 will hit stores March 16th. Previously released in single-disc form by the group’s Twenty First Century label in 2000, these 2CD or 2LP releases paint an even clearer, more definitive picture of this era of Mike Peters and company, including their signing to I.R.S. Records and highest-charting single release (1983’s “Sixty Eight Guns,” a U.K. Top 20 hit).

The band’s first recorded and released works as The Alarm feature on Eponymous 1981-1983, offering all their single sides from this period, an assortment of live non-LP material and five demos. From there, Declaration 1984-1985 expands the band’s first studio album with a bonus disc of B-sides and four previously unreleased outtakes.

The Alarm “68 Guns”  Upon initial release on September 12th 1983, Sixty Eights Guns (Produced by Alan Shacklock), debuted at number 54 in the UK charts before sweeping the nation following a memorable first appearance by The Alarm on Top Of The Pops (September 21st 2013). Sixty Eight Guns went on to reach Number 17 in the UK Top 40, achieving gold record status before becoming a top 40 hit in the USA following a dramatic appearance on American Bandstand in early 1984.

The Alarm’s sound was powered by unique electro-acoustic guitars which at the time, no-one had ever seen before. “The original philosophy behind The Alarm’s sound was to amplify the acoustic guitar into the sound that you hear internally when playing the instrument. Listening to the actual sound of the 2013 performances (recorded in the booth), was truly authentic and reminded me of the old Woody Guthrie / Folkways recordings that I was fascinated by when The Alarm was first starting out.” says Mike Peters.

‘Sixty Eight Guns’ itself, was a pioneering mix of protest punk, folk, americana and stadium rock as described in 1984 by US reviewer Jim Connely “While a lot of bands have tried to combine the ’60s and ’70s, none of them have been as successful as The Alarm. Musically, their secret is that they draw on Punk and then temper it with an acoustic sound while avoiding the wimpiness usually associated with folk. Lyrically, it works because they avoid Punk nihilism and concentrate more on positive personal politics. This is rock and roll at its very finest and U2, R.E.M. and the rest are going to have to work very hard to top it”.

‘Sixty Eight Guns Will Never Die’The Alarm’s evergreen 1983 single will celebrate the 33th anniversary of its original release this day in September . To mark the occasion, lead singer, Mike Peters went to the Third Man Studios Recording booth in Nashville (owned by Jack White III of the White Stripes fame), to cut a limited edition run of 30 individual ‘direct to disc’ 6″ vinyl singles.

Each single features a unique one-off Mike Peters acoustic performance of ‘Sixty Eight Guns’, individually recorded in a restored 1940’s record booth in a Do It Yourself scenario A record booth is “a one-of-a-kind machine that lets you record your own vinyl record… those warm, scratchy tones .


“For the anniversary, I thought it was important to take the song back to its origins,” continues Peters. “In 1983, the single was produced to break the band on the radio and while it certainly did that, some of the original raw acoustic edge got lost. I also had to cut the song down for the single version and have always kicked myself that, in the process, I mistakenly took out the lines that summed up what the song was really all about, so on most of these recordings I have reverted the lyrics back to include the lost lines “If they take our chances, we’ll create our own”.

‘Sixty Eight Guns’ was originally written with bass player Eddie Macdonald back in 1981 and cited by Mike Peters as being lyrically inspired by a (then), little known book, the cult sociology classic ‘A Glasgow Street Gang Observed’, which was written by a 26-year-old schoolmaster under the alias of James Patrick, that offered a unique insight into a gang known in 1966, as ‘The Young Team’.

Alan Shacklock (who produced the original single), was present in Nashville to again produce these new sessions. “It was great to work with Mike again, he still has the same passion and enthusiasm he demonstrated back in the band’s early days and an even better voice. The main thing I helped him with today, was to arrange the song to work inside 111 seconds, we had to cut out even more than we did in ’83! Hearing it stripped to the bare essentials again, made me realise why I fell in love with the band in the first place. In 1983, the remit was to get The Alarm on the radio and I’m proud of the fact that ‘Sixty Eight Guns’ attracts a lot of airplay to this very day and is still in tune with the times.”

Jack White’s recording booth is a Voice-o-Graph machine that records up to 111 seconds of audio and dispenses a one-of-a-kind 6″ phonograph disc to the user. The ability to “hear yourself as others hear you” is not only a tagline… it’s an invitation, a charge, a call to arms.

The Recording Booth was an arcade staple through the middle of the 20th century and famously used by Martin Sheen’s character in the film Badlands and recently by both Neil Young and Jack White himself. These “make your own record” booths were popular audio peculiarities that fell out of vogue in the 1960’s and 70’s. The Third Man Recording Booth is the only machine of its kind in the world that is both operational and open to the public.

Record Store Day 2016 Release. Limited to 1000 copies – First time on vinyl / Released for the first time ever on Vinyl. To mark the official 30th Anniversary of The Alarm’s historic ‘Spirit Of ’86’ concert that was broadcast around the world, The 21st Century Recording Company will be issuing a triplet of specially commissioned new releases from Saturday April 16th with an all new ‘Spirit Of ’86 – 30th Anniversary Collectors Edition’ DVD Digipak [Exclusive to].

The three disc DVD Digipak features a recently restored and remastered full length widescreen film version of the original MTV concert with 5:1 Surround Sound and Stereo Mix playback options orchestrated by Mike Peters from the original master tapes.

DVD special features also include a brand new behind the scenes documentary with Mike Peters that was especially recorded on the site of the original concert at UCLA, covering all the events surrounding the historic global satellite broadcast from April 12th 1986.

The package also features an additional concert film of the legendary ‘Mike Peters presents The Alarm’ event filmed at The Beatles Cavern Club in Liverpool on April 16th 2015.

Featuring a full representation of the original UCLA set list in a modern setting, Mike Peters closed the show with the entire audience singing the lyrics to ‘Spirit Of ’76’ underneath the mythic ‘Four Lads Who Shook The World’ Beatles memorial on Mathew Street.

The Alarm – Spirit Of ”86 – 30th Anniversary Double LP features a brand new soundtrack remixed from the original master tapes by Mike Peters.This special collectors’ Vinyl Edition LP has been created especially and exclusively for Record Store Day 2016 on April 16th.The original Spirit Of ’86 Concert was recorded on April 12th 1986 before a live audience of 26,000 Alarm fans and transmitted around the world via MTV’s historic first-ever live Satellite Broadcast that was seen simultaneously in the USA, UK, Europe, Japan and Australia.

It was the concert that broke The Alarm around the world and to coincide with this new release, a 30th Anniversary event will take place on the original site at the James Bridges Theatre, UCLA Campus, Los Angeles, California on April 9th. Almost 30 years to the day later, this brand new LP version also contains a previously unreleased final song – ‘We Are The Light’ that was not seen or heard on the original broadcast but performed only for the audience in attendance and although no film footage exists, the audio was captured on the multitrack recorders.


Vigilante Man’ is taken from The Alarm album ‘Majority’, a 12 track album that forms part of the Strength 2015 Collection.

Recorded for 2015 by lead singer Mike Peters in collaboration with Australian rockabilly swing outfit Firebird Trio, ‘Vigilante Man’ reaffirms The Alarm’s Woody Guthrie influence that was prevalent in all aspects of the band’s music leading up to the Strength album of 1985.

To find out more about ‘Majority’ and ‘Strength 2015’ please visit: