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Mermaidens are a three-piece outfit from Wellington, New Zealand, who are defined by intricate and unique songwriting, and a hypnotic live synergy.

Drawing inspiration from bands like Warpaint, Fugazi, Exploded View and Sleater-Kinney, Mermaidens’ sound offers a mesmerising dip into the realms of post-punk and psych where warm harmonies and dreamy, hypnotic lyrics, entwine with dark and moody riff-based melodies.

Taken from the forthcoming album Perfect Body, which is due out on 4th August via Flying Nun,


MERMAIDENS – ” Wander “

Posted: January 22, 2015 in MUSIC
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New Zealand based trio Mermaidens was released in the middle of last year .

“Wander” is full of rumbling drums and dreamy harmonies wrapped around spidery, reverb heavy guitars and the result is rich and hypnotic, soaking you within ethereal realms with jam-heavy, never hurried melody and steadily building atmosphere. “Cold Skin” is darker and yet more haunting with deep drum echoes and shadowy guitars ebbing and flowing from slow, brooding intent to a quivering climax of euphoric noise. Both tracks are quite exceptional.

Newer is a live recording of “Dive” which came out in December and shifts their style somewhat, a bigger, heavier beast propelled by a frenetic rhythm section, searing guitar riffs and intense vocals, straight in your face, it’s a world away from the textured structures of that earlier EP.