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The Revivalists

A groove-oriented jam band that prizes tunes over solos. For Fans of: My Morning Jacket, Galactic, Alabama Shakes

You Should Pay Attention: The New Orleans-based septet’s third full length Men Amongst Mountains bowed at Number Two on the Billboard Alternative Albums Chart last year and found traction on Spotify, where they have amassed over 2 million streams. They’ve also become a popular fixture of the summer festival circuit, thanks to a dynamic live show and singer David Shaw’s soulful howl.

They Say: “We were always careful about playing too many shows in New Orleans,” says singer Shaw. “Even from the get-go, we never really wanted to be one of those bands that played that weekly gig — it just didn’t seem like who we were. It was definitely a great place to incubate us and kept us out of the spotlight long enough for us to develop in the ways we needed to develop. And then once we were ready for that, it was the right time. You know how they say, when you really want something the universe conspires to help you make that a reality? I feel that was really happening.”


Hear for Yourself: The sweet, wistful “Wish I Knew You” encapsulates the band’s varied strengths with brittle stabs of funk guitar, dub-influenced keys and colorful splashes of brass.