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Gustaf is a throwback art punk band from Brooklyn currently getting rave reviews. They’ve opened for many high-profile acts, including Beck, even though their debut single, “Mine,” is less than four months old. Fans of bands like Talking Heads and Television, Bodega, Patti Smith will want to keep an eye on this band. From: Brooklyn in New York City , USA

The have Impossible-to-resist grooves matched with the performance style of a former improv comedian. You’re going to love them: If super serious scene bands send your eyes rolling to the back of your head, Gustaf will win you back around. The Brooklyn five-piece might only a couple of singles to their name so far, but they’ve cultivated a reputation as one of the most fun new bands across the five boroughs (and, perhaps, beyond) thanks to their enthrallingly joyful live shows and inability not to inject everything they do with a playful spirit.

A song about the overly entitled and underwhelmed. Hi!! Produced and mixed by Chris Coady

released October 8th, 2020
Written and performed by Gustaf.

Gustaf is
Lydia Gammill (vocals)
Tine Hill (bass)
Melissa Lucciola (drums)
Vram Kherlopian (guitar and vocals)
Tarra Thiessen (vocals and percussion)

We’re thrilled to announce that at long last our first single/music video “Mine” is out today! It’s part of a 7inch vinyl that’ll be available December 4th 2020 on Royal Mountain Records.

Francie Moon is, at this point, a New Jersey institution, a force creating balls-out rock n roll that is at turns, psych, garage, and punk, imbuing it with urgency and confidence.” Alternating between raging and chill, “All The Same” shows off both sides of their personality, a duality that feels immediate and lasting. Culled from their newest 3-song 7″ vinyl and expanding it with 5 more tasty tunes, All The Same is required listening.


Another incredible album by Francie Moon following on from 2017’s So This Is Life.
On All The Same Melissa Lucciola turns the amps up higher and the album is full of guitar pyrotechnics, Melissa throwing out Hendrix and Neil Young style licks with abandon. There are blistering instrumentals and tightly crafted garage/psych bangers aplenty and Melissa’s voice sounds as expressive and striking as ever.
One of the most exciting independent artists on the scene

Released September 21st, 2019 Recorded to cassette between 2016-2018 at The Shed in Stockholm,NJ.