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After two decades of successfully pursuing simple truths in popular music, Matt Pond has recently begun to take on projects that stretch beyond the conventional trajectory of independent rock and roll. Other projects explore artist relationships over mediums and miles, where the aural meets the visual and beyond (-ond -ond -ond). 


Released February 7th, 2020

MATT POND P.A – ” The Moon Rose “

Posted: December 1, 2017 in MUSIC

We are releasing “Skeletons and Friends”, a revamped and remastered version of a previously recorded fling. An album between albums, about the lost-and-found in the words we say. (It makes sense to me. I hope it makes sense to you.) Then I’m going to decide — is it time to finish another album and put it out myself? Or should I take a long stroll and survey the rapidly spinning world?

Whatever I do, I fully appreciate everyone who’s along for the ride. Sincerely and for real. It is always an honor to know that people are listening. Thank you.

I mention the following baloney, only because it’s real as well: We will continue to post music and thoughts on Patreon. If it doesn’t suit you, we are still cool. Enough baloney. On this album Pond features the likes of Laura Stevenson, Laura Burhenn, Caroline Reese and Anya Marina. And of course there’s the copilots, Chris Hansen, Shawn Alpay, Mel Guerison and Kyle Kelly-Yahner, right there with him.

Along with Winter Lives, released in December 2016 by 131 Records, Still Summer will be the last album Pond releases as Matt Pond PA. Over time, a new track or take will be added to each — this is the never-ending conclusion of Matt Pond PA’s strange musical tour.

Band Members
Matt Pond (vocals, guitar) / Shawn Alpay (cello) / Chris Hansen (guitar)

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Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Matt Pond PA is going on tour in support of their recent album The State of Goldreleased on Doghouse Records. The album features guest vocals from Laura Burhenn of The Mynabirds and drumming from Matt Iwanusa of Caveman on it’s lead song “More No More.”

The album is available in limited edition gold translucent double LP edition of The State of Gold.  The guy’s a craftsman, and his body of work proves he’s got reliable songwriting aptitude. In what employ he decides to use it, well, that’s what will sum up everything in the end.

Laura Stevenson, is an artist finally hitting real stride. Though pleasant, her musical footprint has to this point been somewhat indistinct. But she’s got a new album, Cocksure, that’ was released October on Don Giovanni Records . Like a modern-day Tanya Donelly, Stevenson leaves the whimsical folk and pop detours behind and really digs into a direct indie-rock sound that’s muscular and classic on this ‘90s-channeling record. A mixture of sweetness, crooked charm and sharpening marksmanship, this simultaneously beaming and driving album is easily her most definitive work yet.


These Days as covered by Matt Pond (feat. Laura Stevenson & Chris Hanson) From the Wes Anderson film Royal Tenenbaums, Originally performed by Nico Written by Jackson Browne .

MATT POND PA – ” Glow “

Posted: September 29, 2016 in MUSIC
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Matt Pond

Matt Pond PA were planning a new album, and now we’ve got much more concrete details. The band will release Winter Lives on November 11th, which Matt Pond recorded with longtime collaborator Chris Hansen on guitar and production, and core band member Shawn Alpay on cello and string arrangements. It’s also got contributions from The Mynabirds’ Laura Burhenn and Moving Panoramas frontwoman (and former Matt Pond PA guitarist) Leslie Sisson. The first single is “The Glow,” which premieres in this post. It’s an anthemic, jangly rocker that kinda finds the middle ground between Springsteenian heartland rock and Gin Blossoms-y alternative rock.