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Sonic Jesus is the darkwave/post-punk recording project of Italian multi-instrumentalist/composer Tiziano Veronese and vocalist Marco Baldassari. They formed in 2012, and immediately signed to Fuzz Club Records. Before they even had a record out, they were playing sold-out shows and getting rave reviews. In 2015, they released a double album of noise/psychedelic rock stuff called “Neither Virtue Nor Anger”, which earned them even more praise.  They’re set to release their highly anticipated sophomore album “Grace” via Fuzz Club on March 10th.

The new record is getting lots of advance praise, and some folks are saying that it’s reminiscent of Interpol and Editors.Following on from an incredibly well-received double LP and a split single with The Black Angels,This could be the record to break this band into the bigger scene after last years set at Liverpool Psych Fest.



New single ”Lost Reprise” from Italian band Sonic Jesus. The track will be featured in their upcoming album ”Neither Virtue Nor Anger” which is expected to be released on April 16th via the wonderful  Fuzz Club Records.

Sonic Jesus started to exist at Doganella di Ninfa (Cisterna, Italy), in March 2012. This project is a mutual collaboration between Tiziano Veronese, formerly drummer and now the real composer and instrumentalist player of the project and Marco Baldassari, lyrics maker and a self taught musician. This deep friendship pushes them to create Sonic Jesus, a pure union of music and lyrics. Tiziano is the music maker, he is responsible for every single note in this project, while Marco Baldassari focuses his attention on the lyrics which are going to top the music. After years of immersion in the atmospheres of music and poetry, they decide to collaborate, creating an artistic hodgepodge, to create and make their passion something real, in a well defined frame. Indeed the sound of the band is a mix of colors and music which experiences the sound of the sixties, folk music, shoegaze and kraut nuances, a self-aware and passionate sound who has travel and discovery as its own identity.
"Tomorrow begins the European tour 
"Neither Virtue Nor Anger"
See You Folks

ph: Emanuele Manco"

The band immediately get a contract with Fuzz Club Records. Their hit single “Underground” takes part in the first Reverb Conspiracy’s compilation. Sonic Jesus will be the only Italian band featured in the album. “Underground” is an extract from the namesake EP 10”, released simultaneously with the compilation by Fuzz Club Records, Bad Vibrations and Reverberation Appreiciation Society on November 10, 2012. The EP boasts of the prestigious collaboration of Nonni Dead for the artwork. As soon as they started playing, the band had many sold out concerts, playing for a constantly increasing audience and supporting other famous musicians and bands, such as Damo Suzuki (Can), Dead Skeletons and Singapore Sling.
Sonic Jesus are about to release their first LP, produced by Fuzz Club Records, and will be part of the second edition of the Reverb Conspiracy’s compilation, with the single “Reich”. Sonic Jesus will be the only band to take part in the album for the second time in a row.

Pre-order the new album on Fuzz Club Records web store and listen to more Sonic Jesus music by visiting their bandcamp and soundcloud pages