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Kevin Krauter’s debut EP, “Magnolia”, comes from a place of ease, instinct, and sincerity; ease in its conception and execution, instinct present yet well-informed, and sincerity felt but never forced. The initial four tracks were recorded in Muncie, Indiana for a fellow student’s semester project in the Spring of 2015, with the completed six song EP finished shortly thereafter. What resulted is a raw yet accessible work that feels familiar on the first listen. Taking inspiration from early folk artists from the 60s and 70s as well as more contemporary acts such as Sigur Ros and The Clientele, Krauter synthesizes a wide range of creative impulse into a refreshing and original body of work that pays humble respect to its predecessors while tastefully utilizing their influence.

Magnolia is 5 years old today!!! My first release of all time! I wrote all these songs my freshman year of college! I was such a baby!!! Anyway Winspear is releasing a fresh batch of cassettes July 3rd

Originally released May 19th, 2015

All songs written by Kevin Krauter
Electric Guitar/Piano by Keagan Beresford on Tracks 1 & 3
Winspear Records 2015

WILSEN – ” Sea To Sea “

Posted: February 19, 2015 in MUSIC
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Tamsin Wilson’s voice is so intimate that her atmospheric indie pop feels like a long phone call with a significant other. It’s only fitting that she’s caught the attention of Wye Oak, a band known for merging subtle, commanding vocals with powerful instrumentals. The Baltimore duo have given Wilsen’s gentle ballad “Sea To Sea” a churning, electronic makeover. It’s a blissed-out collection of synth textures, but Wilson’s ethereal pipes are the glue that holds it all together.