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Brooklyn-based musician Elise Okusami has been making music since an early age, cycling through a series of bands throughout the years. In 2016, she started putting songs out as Oceanator, and the following year released the project’s debut EP. On the side, she also drums for bands that include the Adventures Of The Silver Spaceman and Vagabon (she plays on the latter’s Infinite Worlds album. In April, Okusami is releasing the second Oceanator EP, which is called Lows, an accurate title for the roller coaster of emotions that it exhibits.

Lead single “Mistakes” is red-hot in its intensity — each instrument sounds like it’s projected from underneath a layer of volcanic ash.

Oceanator “Lows” out April 13, 2018 on Tiny Engines

Elise Okusami, who has played drums in Vagabon and the Adventures of the Silver Spaceman, also makes shimmering indie rock as Oceanator. Okusami layers her lovesickness and loneliness over an unexpected backdrop of bubbly 1980s synthpop and crisp percussion. – Pitchfork
This coupling of introspective reflection and boisterous intensity quickly establishes itself as the Oceanator trademark. – Various Small Flames
The great curls that sprout from the top of Okusami’s head are merely metaphors for all the musical seeds this talent has planted over the years. – Tom Tom Mag
Oceanator proves to be a project with a surprising amount of range, depth, understanding, and versatility. – Heartbreaking Bravery