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The D’Addario brothers will return this Autumn with their third Lemon Twigs album, Songs For The General Public” written, recorded and produced by the D’Addario’s at their home studio in Long Island, Sonora Studios in Los Angeles and Electric Lady in New York City.

The prodigiously-talented brothers first emerged as The Lemon Twigs in 2016 with their debut LP Do Hollywood, whose show stopping melodies mined from every era of rock quickly earned fans in Elton John, Questlove, and Jack Antonoff.  Go To School, the ambitious 15-track coming-of-age opus, followed in 2018 and solidified the band’s reputation for building grand walls of sound around an audacious concept.

The D’Addario brothers return with their third Lemon Twigs album, written, recorded and produced by the D’Addarios at their home studio in Long Island, Sonora Studios in Los Angeles and Electric Lady in New York City. Brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario wrote that they would begin work on an additional record “to try and make it up” to fans. The album was originally scheduled for a May 1st release. “It’s with even greater disappointment that we move our record release date to August 21st. They say good things come to those who wait, and even better things come to those who wait longer. And then they tell you not to procrastinate. What kind of sense does that make? To try and make it up to you, we’re hard at work on another record.

“In times of global turmoil, I find it comforting to recall something the late great Abraham Lincoln once said. After that, I like to take a large ice cube out from the freezer and suck on it for a couple of minutes.”

The label just announced this limited translucent red vinyl edition of “Songs For The General Public”, the third album from The Lemon Twigs, out 21st August.

Band Members:
Brian D’Addario,
Michael D’Addario

The 12-track album will also be released on standard black vinyl, while the first 100 vinyl pre-orders made through the 4AD records Store will receive a limited-edition signed print

The Lemon Twigs - Songs For The General Public

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Finally! It’s only been eight years since the last album—and it appears there’s something very, very weird going on: a strange series of conspiracy theories tied to this record that will suck you into a rat hole and may not let go. Think very, very carefully before you click here. Remember that I did try to warn you…Taken from their new album ‘Science Fiction’, 

LP5, available for pre-order on limited vinyl:

Tour dates across the United States and United Kingdom in September, October, and November

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Beware, this track is extremely catchy. These Long Island boys are talented enough to bring the wave of pop punk back in vogue. Their latest project mashed up other artist’s songs for something that is fun, refreshing, and just as hip gyrating at the originals. The album Other People’s Greatest Hits is a unique idea that surprisingly works. Their video for this mix is well done and reminds us of another group’s backwards-video creations. Check it out and keep an ear out for their style of exuberant rock.

Patent Pending present: “Wasted/Wake Me Up” from the new album “Other People’s Greatest Hits”
A mashup of Tiësto’s “Wasted” and Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”
Available now on Rude Records

Lemon Twigs are going to divide opinion. This is, perhaps, a strange thing to say about a band who base a lot of their shtick on two of the biggest groups in pop music history – the Beatles and the Beach Boys around whom there is unparalleled critical consensus. Nevertheless, there will be some who consider their reference-rich songs to genuflect too closely to the old masters. Others will simply recoil at their very presence, fearing them to be a hipster contrivance, too good to be true, cynically assembled by an evil record company eager to plug a gap in the market. Look at that image of the main members – Brian and Michael D’Addario – accompanying this article: they also could be out of the Partridge Family .


The D’Addario brothers are, respectively, 19 and 17 years old, and they’re astonishingly good at what they do. Talented, for sure. It’s obviously in their DNA: their dad, Ronnie D’Addario, was an all-playing and producing wunderkind of the Emitt Rhodes type who released a few albums of post styled Beatles Pop in the 70’s. The pair handle all instrumental chores on their forthcoming 4AD debut album, enlisting a little help from two friends when they play live (their first UK gig will be on 19th August at London’s Seabright Arms). Brian plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, horns and strings – he owns a trumpet, a violin and a cello and is a fan of the overdub. Michael has “merely” mastered “the basic band instruments” (guitar, bass, keys, drums). “Brian was really good at instruments from a young age,” Michael said. “I didn’t learn any instruments apart from drums till I was 13. Brian had already learned to play bass and drums when he was in elementary school.”


Brian D’Addario (guitar, vocals, drums, horns, strings), Michael D’Addario (guitar, vocals, drums), Danny Ayala (keyboard), Megan Zeankowski (bass).

Milk ‘N’ Cookies are the stuff of legends — or would be legends. Forming in the early 1970s in Long Island, New York, this Power Pop group was originally signed to Island Records and seemed destined for greatness. Yet, through many cases of “right place, wrong time,” the band never managed to break. The core line-up of the band was made up of Ian North, Justin Strauss, Sal Maida and Mike Ruiz and, in their time, they played classic NYC venues like CBGB’s and Max’s Kansas City. They shared bills with everyone from Talking Heads to The Ramones and have amassed a cult following, influencing the likes of Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and Debbie Harry (Blondie).

After working extensively with the band members, Milk ‘N’ Cookies is a lavish reissue of the group’s entire recorded output. Housed in a deluxe slipcase is the band’s original legendary LP, a 2xLP featuring rare and unreleased tracks, as well as a book that chronicles the full history of the band’s wild ride through the music biz—as told by the band themselves, through accounts from their many (in)famous admirers (Sonic Youth, Talking Heads, the Ramones) and through never-before-seen photographs. “Get out your Tinkertoys once again as we’re happily blessed with this new Milk ‘N’ Cookies package.


Tijuana Panthers ‘POSTER’ is out August 28th, “Poster” represented a strong step forward for the Long Beach garage-rock trio. When it dropped this September, we declared it to be “in a sun-kissed league of its own.”

Now, the band are releasing a video Poster standout track “Power Plant,” and we’re pleased to be presenting it. The nostalgia-infected clip is comprised of archival footage of the old Long Beach waterfront in the good old days of roller coasters and colorful attractions.

According to drummer Phil Shaheen, “The song is about a specific period in time growing up in Long Beach. The video is old footage loaned to me for this song. The footage shows lots of old landmarks that are no longer with us,

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Long Island-based singer/songwriter Jon Foster impressed significantly last year withRight This Way, a wonderfully fun album that echoed the shimmering indie-pop of The Shins in its ceaseless delivery of hooks and sonorously melodic vocals. He’s currently at work on a new EP, “Bandit”, due this August. “Patterns” is our first peek at it. The gentle string plucking in the beginning resembles some sort of medieval music in its lush lyrical-driven introduction, progressing quickly to the chorus — where Foster’s impressive penchant for punchy hooks arises in the acoustical jangles and gleefully anthemic vocal delivery. As was the case with Right This Way, Red Cabin continues to produce immediately enticing power-pop tracks with a sort of effortless charm.