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After sticking fairly close to his rock lineage on two previous solo albums, the Gaslight Anthem frontman threw himself into a new Americana direction on his third. It suits him. Local Honey is as warm and comforting as its title, full of hooks and narratives that draw you in like bears to, well.… Fallon opens the LP with a message to his daughter — “In this life there will be trouble, but you shall overcome,” he assures her in “When You’re Ready.” In the most Gaslight-sounding track on the record, “21 Days,” he stares down bad habits. Acoustic guitars and keys, even upright bass, frame most of the songs, and Fallon is perfectly comfortable without a loud amp behind him. Local Honey is the sound of getting older with grace and purpose.

Taken from Brian Fallon’s new album ‘Local Honey’ available now.

For a while, it looked like Brian Fallon was riding a wave to superstardom. The Gaslight Anthem, the New Jersey band he fronted, had graduated from playing dirty punk basement shows in New Brunswick to touring around the world in support of their breakthrough second record, 2008’s The ’59 Sound. By mixing their punk roots with driving, heartland rock influences, but also throwing in a little soul-searching tenderness along the way, The Gaslight Anthem tapped into a sound that was familiar—but which they also made very much their own. Even fellow New Jerseyian Bruce Springsteen wasn’t immune to their charms—not only was he a fan, he also shared the stage with the band numerous times, aiding their growing popularity.

And yet, despite—or partly because of—the success of his band, Fallon found himself struggling. He wasn’t happy. He didn’t like the amount of attention he was getting as a result of the group’s rising profile, and his personal life was falling apart. In 2015, just under a decade after the band was founded, they went on hiatus. And while the The Gaslight Anthem did reconvene for a brief tenth anniversary tour of The ’59 Sound, Fallon has been busy pursuing a solo career since the hiatus began.

While his first two solo records, 2016’s Painkillersand 2018’s Sleepwalkers, weren’t too distant musically from the emotionally charged, nostalgia-ridden heartland rock of his band, Local Honey is a more stripped-back and folky affair. With only eight tracks, it has the perspective and wisdom of someone who recently turned forty, who’s now a father, and whose rock ‘n’ roll dreams—dreams that were essentially forced upon him—no longer occupy the same space in his heart. It is, as he explains, a step in a different direction both musically and lyrically, but the new record also finds Fallon incredibly comfortable in his own skin as someone who is finally able to take stock of his life and what it means.


Released March 27th, 2020

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The lead singer of beloved heartland-punk band The Gaslight Anthem, Brian Fallon steps away from that sound and into a stripped-down Americana space on his third solo album, Local Honey. Produced by Grammy-award winning producer Peter Katis (The National, Frightened Rabbit, Death Cab for Cutie), the album showcases Fallon’s songwriting in small vignettes, from a loving devotional for his daughter to a vengeful murder ballad.

Brian Fallon’s new album ‘Local Honey’ is available on CD and LP. “Every single song is about right now. There’s nothing on this record that has to do with the past or even the future, it just has to do with the moments that are presented and things that I’ve learned and I’m finding in my day to day. This record is 100 percent about the day today. It’s not about these glorious dreams or miserable failures, it’s just about life and how I see it.” – Brian Fallon

I’m thrilled to announce that my third studio album, Local Honey, will be released on March 27th. You can listen to the first track “You Have Stolen My Heart” and preorder the album now. Also, I will once again be joined by the Howling Weather for a tour starting this Spring, and Justin Townes Earle and Worriers will be supporting us on this run.