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Expect to see Kevin Morby‘s outstanding 2014 release, “Still Life”, on many best-of lists at the year end. Since striking out on his own with the debut solo “Harlem River” last year, the former Babies frontman and ex Woods member has firmly established himself as one of the most exciting songwriters of his generation. At Morby’s first solo show he debuted several of the forthcoming Still Life tracks. Nine months later, Morby was at the Aquarium Drunkard showcase at Rough Trade in Brooklyn ready to acquaint us with more songs from the new record. Though Morby arrived onstage last and after midnight, most of the crowd had stuck around to catch him,  he rewarded the faithfull with a poised set that showed his tour-worn comfort with the newer songs. He also played a classic number covered recently, Bill Fay’s “I Hear You Calling”. Morby’s sound congeals increasingly well with the West Coast move that in part prompted his solo breakout; his songs feel like a breeze blowing across your face as you lie on the hood of a car in a beach parking lot, staring at the coast. It was a fine way to end the night, not to mention this incredible showcase.